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History Of Watches

Watches, the basic necessity of today has always been a personal statement for every man. With multiple types of watching ranging from dress to diver, simple to functional and cheap 10 $ to million $ there is ample variety. The modern-day Quartz (battery) powered watches were invented in the 1960s, before that it was automatic winding watches and before that well it was only manual winding. There have been other technologies to power up a watch such as solar and a few other but we will not discuss those as they are not mass-market products.

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Currently, the “Haute-Horology” has its soul in Switzerland with 3 major brands namely Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet & Vacheron Constantin but the neighbours from Germany are doing a great job and so are the Japanese with their in-house machinery and great designing and precision.

If we go back about 50 years behind there were other countries involved in this business too such as Russia (former USSR), India, America and a lot of other smaller brands from Switzerland, China, Japan that served the local demand.

Travel For Bargain Deals

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Although most of us want to lay their hands on the shiny latest models of everything that’s a technological advancement, but unfortunately, not everyone can shell off big sums for a watch. Which is what creating the undercurrent of the second-hand market and the inflating prices for the same as the demand is ever increasing. Also, there are some watch brands that used to exist in yesteryears and don’t exist now and they have become a sort of collector’s item. Although eBay is a good option it turns to be expensive, plus the payments by PayPal only and expensive shipping make it a sour deal for me personally. Luckily, there are other options available for when you travel and I will list the same here.

Local Junk Shops – Junk shops are very common across Europe and that is where you are bound to find the best watch options at cheap, at times you can get a priceless watch for dirt simply because the owner does not know the real price of it.

Local Second’s Marketplace – Most of the developed, as well as developing countries, have their own marketplace to sell preowned goods, which local people tend to prefer a lot more than a global player. Some great examples are OLX for India, Kijiji for Canada, Dubizzle for UAE and so on.

FB Groups – Facebook has local groups for buying and selling watches for almost every market and even sorted to every brand following like Seiko, Rolex and so on. It is a good place to have a one on one conversation with people, negotiate and get a sweet deal.

Local Markets – A lot of Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia have a lot of importers who will provide a genuine product for lesser than MRP for new as well as a great deal on old ones with complete papers, it is simply because they evade taxes and duties but the products are genuine. I have written in detail about one such trip to Thailand, please click on the link to read the same.

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