Top 5 trending jewellery designs for every woman!

Trending Designer Jewellery

Classic & trendy jewellery designs for herself

Just like the outfits hanging in your closet, every woman needs a few jewellery essentials that can transition an outfit from day wear to evening wear in seconds. From diamonds to plain hoops, these classic pieces add a simple elegance to any ensemble.

Accessories need to be used strategically and in moderation in order to achieve the look, you are going for.  Here are 5 essential pieces that will make up your jewellery essential needs that will match any occasion.

Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces are often the piece any women cannot resist They’re put front and centre, draped over a garment, you deserve something that’s worthy of being your centrepiece. A pave set Evil Eye disc drop necklace is the pinnacle of pendant design. This glamourous centre piece is an element you would mix and match with any outfit. Worn singularly it can be elegant or layered on with your initials, to add a perfect bohemian touch. Evil Eye pendants bring their wearer good luck, protection, good fortune, positive energy and happiness. With its historical relevance and benefits this necklace can be worn everyday even with your pajamas. Adding a dash of excellence to any dress or casual wear.

Trending Designer Jewellery

Bold Ring

A bold yet chic statement is a staple for any occasion. Ever feel like your look is just missing something? Throw on your bold ring that will stand out with any outfit.

A bold signet ring will be perfectly matched with your casual denim jeans and a leather jacket if you are aiming for a casual brunch look.  You can also pair it with a cocktail dress if you want to keep your jewellery simple and have a few statement pieces on you.  This will jazz up any outfit.

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are another piece we’d love from our significant other, diamond studs are the epitome of understated elegance. Refined, sophisticated and classic, a pair of diamond stud earrings will never go unworn. Add an instant element of elegance to a delicate dress or a smart blazer with a simple pair of studs. However, while diamond studs use to be worn for special occasions now diamond studs can be worn everyday for its sentimental value and simple elegance. Try softening it with an edgy denim jacket for the perfect blend of feminine.

Beaded bracelet

Simple plain beaded Tiffany Bracelets are just the perfect essential that you can leave on your wrist with any outfit. If you want to live in one jewel it is these bracelets. Vintage doesn’t have to mean out of style. In fact, owning an iconic bracelet like this can be the perfect staple jewellery for any outfit. It is simple, minimal and elegant.

Premium Jewellery Bracelet for Women

Gold Hoops

Gold hoop earrings are our holly grail essential. That is why we have saved the best till last. They just go with everything! And they are a wardrobe staple that will always work. Not only are they our favourite, but they are making a big comeback as go-to statement earring.  

Are you obsessed with street style wear? Pair your casual hoops with your tracksuit co-ord and create the perfect sexy chic look. A simple denim with a tee is also a great way to add on hoops to complete your everyday going out look. Style hoops with your sexy silhouette dress or a blazer dress. They pair with any outfit in your wardrobe.

The beauty of these essential jewellery pieces is that they can each be worn with each other. You can really enjoy mixing and matching your essential jewels and creating a look for any occasion with these 5 essential pieces. Wear them together or wear them alone. If you’re missing any of these staple pieces from your wardrobe, then shop to complete our look.

Esmae represents Jewellery with purpose. An Australian brand influenced by the Mediterranean history and culture.  Illustrating ethereal and symbolic designs with an essence of western allure. Our jewellery is crafted with historical relevance in mind, all while modifying jewellery into modern evil eye wear. Esmae believes that jewellery should provide more than sentimental value and that is why Esame is more than jewellery.  It is jewellery with a purpose.

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