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The history of fashion design has been introduced to the public ever since the 19th century. It is where Charles Frederick Worth, the first world-famous French fashion designer, became publicly renowned because of the wonderful garments he created. He started as a draper in Paris until people noticed his unique skills. The designer then became so successful to the point that his customers ask him what should they wear every now and then.

Nevertheless, fashion has become a public demand over the centuries. It continues to develop from time to time: from styles in dresses and jeans to accessories of all sorts, such as bones and feathers, even precious stones and shining metals. Most of them are being offered and worn by most of the fashion industries that it became a popular trend up until today’s fads.

However, as the saying says, fashion is mostly over quickly; it always changes every month. What’s popular in the recent fashionista magazine today can alter in the next few days. Fashion can change while your style does not. It can manifest the person who you are. Style cultivates your uniqueness forever. Your style is what represents you.

However, does it mean that fashion is just all about the branded clothes you wear?

Of course, no. Your style is not just in the forms of that Prada suit and tie, or Gucci dresses you wear, and all that kind of sort, bling-bling and shining shimmering ornaments are one of them too. It is a piece of a puzzle that will perfectly fit your OOTD.

As they always say, there is always a room for accessories. In any event or occasion, the accessories that you put on are thinkable, as well. While you know that today’s trends are all about a variety of pieces of jewelry hanging on your neckline, ears, and wrists. But mind you, too much wearing of pieces of jewelry may lead to a complete “outfit holocaust.” It can be so disastrous that it can ruin your good appraisal in a fashion sense.

Putting an accessory is one of the fashion skills that detach those who are well-dressed to those who just look plain boring. Once you master the art of accessorizing your outfit, you’ll always look great in whatever you wear.

Do you want to make your outfit one of the most trending OOTD that everyone will look forward to? Check out these vital tips on how to accessorize your outfit Infographic created and designed by Adeva Jewellery.

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