Women’s Blazer Guide According To Your Body Shape

Jacket or blazers can make any outfit complete. Be it casual or formal blazers can be worn anywhere and anytime depending upon the type of fabric used. This versatile garment can be paired with either jeans, trousers or skirts to create a style statement. You can even throw your blazer with your casual dress and it will level up your style game. 

Ways to style up your dress with Blazer:

  1. Blazers should not be too tight or too fitted on your shoulders.
  2. During day time light coloured blazers should be preferred whereas dark colours are preferable at night.
  3. The fabric chosen for blazer should be according to season. Wearing woollen or khadi in summers can be irritating as well as uncomfortable. Therefore, choose lightweight blazers during summers.

Blazers are universal body staple that can make you look more modern and can accentuate your body shape. Therefore it is necessary to wear a blazer according to body type. 

Let us understand how body shape can help us choose the style of blazer that can be worn by us:

  1. If you have a beautiful hourglass body shape, then go for cinched waist or peplum, it will highlight your waist draw attention towards the midsection of your body.
  2. If your shoulders and hips roughly have the same measurement or you have a straight body that is generally called a rectangular body type, then long draped blazer will suit your body type well. You can also accessories it with the belt on a waist to accentuate an hourglass figure. These blazers can be paired with plus size jumpers can create a mixture of style as well as comfort.
  3. Triangular body shaped implies that you have small shoulders as compared to your waist and hips for such body type fuller coat or high waist blazes can best compliment your body type. Such blazer does not need to be accessories. These blazers look beautiful on their own.
  4. Another very common type among ladies especially with good height is inverted triangular body shape. Women with broad shoulder are always very conscious about their dressing style. Blazers with thin and lightweight fabric when worn with dresses like Italian Linen tunics can best accentuate their body making it look thin on the shoulder and pretty.

Choosing the right kind of blazer or clothes for your body type is an art. This art is a sign of your sense of being dressed. In the Infographic below you will explore my about the types of blazes that can be worn according to your body type

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