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What comes to your mind when somebody spells “Adventure Trip”?Hiking, camping, trekking, rafting, cliff diving, parasailing…..basically loads of fun. Adventure trips are the best trips. They break the monotony of our mundane lives and get our adrenaline pumping. When most people think about packing for an adventure trip they think about boring black and blue t-shirts and lowers. But that should not be the case, after all, you are going to make a lifetime of memories and take a hell lot of pictures for your Instagram. Comfort is really the key to adventure trips yet you can still look like a million bucks. It is possible to look sleek and elegant and still wear comfortable outfits. How?Well, read on, you free spirit…

How to pack light, smart and stylish for your next adventure trip?

Get complete information about the weather:

This should be your obvious first and foremost step to plan your travel packing.Choose cotton and breathable fabrics for hot climate destination and woolen and viscose for colder places. Do not forget to keep raincoats and water proof luggage cases for tropical rainy destinations.In short choose your outfits according to the weather of your travel destination.

Graphic tees are your best friends:

Forget the plain blacks and whites and think colors. Graphic tees will provide character and edge to any outfit. Graphic t shirts are also versatile pieces which can be dressed up and down easily. They are perfect clothing for adventure trips. Cute bohemian prints or sassy slogans – there are plenty of options to choose from.

Denim or cotton shorts will provide comfort and allow mobility in adventure trips;

Shorts are comfortable and are perfect for adventure sports
Distressed denim shorts are back in fashion, and colorful cotton shorts will look cute as well.
If your destination is a cold place you should avoid shorts and carry jeans instead.

Stylish Workout Leggings and joggers will act as multifunctional clothing:

Yoga pants and workout leggings are your best bet in your adventure holiday. Just as graphic t shirts do not opt for the obvious black leggings and joggers . Instead you can opt leggings from the athleisure category – think animal prints, solid colors, ombre patterns

Shoes : Comfortable shoes makes all the difference

You will be engaged in a lot of physical activity and will need sturdy comfortable shoes.Ladies let your favourite stilettos and pumps sit at home and bring out the stylish keds  sneakers and sport shoes. Also pack a pair of flats to  roam around your campsite and let your toes breathe.Do not forget to pack ample amount of cute socks to go with your stylish sneakers

Jewellery: Think sporty and classy not blingy

Keep the jewellery to minimum avoid chunky jewellery. Dainty necklaces and small studs will be a good option.Also you can wear your smart watch as an accessory, not only will it look stylish but also you can track your fitness goal, how cool is that!!

Bomber jacket or a nice hoodie

This will keep you warm and cozy in the evenings and morningsYou can also pack a swanky sweatshirt to pair with rugged denim or shorts.

A jacket is a must as it serves style and utility equally: Avoid baggy jackets, denim jackets and casual zippers come more handy.

Accessories: Accessories smartly, avoid bulky accessories.

Accessories with elegant and smart shades beat the heat with hats and caps. If you are going to a colder place do not forget cute mufflers, beanies and woollen mittens.

Other essentials for your next Adventure trip:

  • Blanket scarf : Blanket scarfs are very versatile pieces of clothing and are handy while travelling
  • Wind sheeter  and/or rain coat
  • Sports bras and comfy inner wear 
  • A flowy dress for bonfire night or any cool event

Last but not the least – Makeup :

Go natural Choose a  neutral or fresh makeup look. Do not forget to pack skin care products and most important sunscreen. Now you are ready to rock your adventure vacation in swag and style. Remember to not be afraid to repeat outfits: you can jazz any repeated outfit by layering clothes Mix and match style will allow your backpack stay light.

Go on ladies , have loads of fun on your adventure trip with style and share your experiences with us in the comment section below. Did you read about the glamorous Dubai Modest Fashion Week https://greatestbazaar.com/brands/get-to-know-participating-modest-fashion-brands-designers-in-dmfw-2019/
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