Ultimate Guide: 30 Wardrobe Essentials By The Time You Are 30


So you reached the golden 30’s, Congratulations girl because 30’s are fun and life’s best years.

Science backs this fact!!

30’s bring with them jovial times and your wardrobe should be ready for the loads of cocktail parties, marriages, work events, baby showers and a hell lot of holidays.

It means a lot of dressing up is coming your way. Sounds fun isn’t it?

How to hold it all together in your 30’s?

These 30 wardrobe staples will work as an anchor to build an impeccable collection and you will always look put together without any hassle.

1: Black Ankle Pants

Black Ankle pants is a must own clothing item in your 30’s, it will serve as a solid base to build your outfits around. These are good for office events and can be worn on informal occasions too.

2: Elegant diamond studs

  • Elegant diamond studs turn every outfit so classy.
  • They give you oomph of class and the best thing is it goes with everything.
  • They are such an evergreen piece of jewellery.

3: The classic leather jacket

A motor leather jacket is going to make you look cool without much of an effort, Ideal for partying with style, throw on the jacket and go give the world bikers chic’s vibe.

4: Cashmere sweater

A soft high-quality cashmere sweater is going to enhance your feminity. Choose a pastel soft colour and it will act as a base for layering in winters too. These are perfect for relaxed brunches with your girlfriends  

5: Silk blouse

Silk blouses scream sheek. A cute silk blouse will rescue you in the “I have nothing to wear” moments as it can be paired up with pretty much anything. A silk blouse is such a staple item of clothing that we would suggest you to get multiple blouses in various colours.

6: A perfect-fitting denim jeans

There is no denying it, perfect fitting denim jeans can be paired with almost all types of tops. Choose a fun washed out denim for hip look and a dark coloured pair for a cleaner look.

7: Ballet flats

Ballet flats are a wardrobe essential at 30. They give your feet a polished and formal look and can be worn for long office hours.

8: Trench coat

A ¾ length trench coat looks stunning on every body type and looks excellent when layered. Choose a pleasing pastel shade and strut your 30’s in style

9: Blazer in a flattering cut

Girl, a blazer is a must-have. You can play so much with your style with a crisp blazer. It makes everything looks so much dressier. Make sure cut flatters your body shape and fit nicely.

10: A high-end watch

  • A classy watch serves as a perfect accessory for your wrist.
  • Choose a strap and dial which complements your personality.

11: Strappy sandals and/or Nude pumps

  • Strappy sandals look good no matter what outfit you are adorning from gowns to office suits, strappy sandals are your friend.
  • Nude pumps also go with everything and when in doubt take your nude pumps out

12: White basic tee

  • A well-fitting white tee is the holy grail of your wardrobe. Balance out printed pants and flowy bottoms with a classic white tee.
  • It can be easily dressed up and down. Wear underneath a blazer or layer it up with a fancy coat.
  • We advise buying a staple black tee too.

13: Denim jacket

A denim jacket will never go out of fashion. Denim jacket gives you an easy-going stylish vibe. The best part is you can carry a denim jacket in summers and even in winters.

14: Silk scarf

A silk scarf jazz up a plain outfit and can be worn as a headscarf, bag accessory even as a belt. One scarf, multiple looks.

15: Fine jewellery – A dainty necklace

A gold pleated dainty necklace looks sophisticated and elegant at all times. This piece of jewellery can be worn every day.

16: Little black dress

This one is a no brainer. The famous LBD will be a perfect go-to for cocktail parties and girls night out.

17: Long Red dress

 You will feel confident and sexy in a hot red long dress. Attend an engagement party or wear it on your special date nights.

18: Midi skirt

Choose a midi skirt in your favourite color and pair it up with a beautiful top. Ditch your minis, the midi skirt is much classier and versatile.

19: Classic high-end sunglasses

In your 30’s you should own a pair of stunning sunny’s to beat the heat in style. Make sure you choose a pair that compliments your face shape

20: Turtle neck sweater top

Turtle neck sweater is such a versatile piece of clothing and looks great with jeans and skirts alike. It can be layered in winters for a modern smart look. A thin turtle top can be rocked in summers too.

21: Leather belt

A good quality sturdy leather belt will enhance and smarten up your ensemble. Choose a neutral brown or black colour to match your formal attire.

22: Fitting ankle boots

  • Fitting ankle boots look ultra-modern and raises the glam quotient of your attire.
  • You can choose any colour for your ankle boots from siren red to matt black.

23: Designer handbag

  • If you were eyeing to buy a luxurious handbag, 30’s is the time to do it . Think it as investing in a timeless piece and girl you deserve it.
  • Choose a shape and size that caters to your taste and personality and fully enjoy the shopping experience of buying a luxe handbag

24: Matching suit sets

Matching suit sets are a big hit right now and this trend is not ending any time soon. Matching suit set looks extremely smart and is perfect for that big presentation at the office.

25: Crisp white shirt

Needless to say a crisp white shirt is a mandatory item in building a stellar wardrobe. Pair it with your ankle pants or a pencil skirt or layer it with a blazer for a polished look.

26: A Smart wallet

A smart wallet is requisite in your 30’s. Choose a simple clean design and flaunt your money keeper in style.

27: A Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are sexy and feminine. Choose a neutral or soft colour and wear your pencil skirts with shirts blazers and even silk blouses.

28: A Summer dress

A beachy summer dress is ideal for holidays and also for outings with your girls. Choose a fun, girly, vibrant colour summer dress and pair it with funky flats for a comfy look.

29: Beachwear

  • A high-quality beachwear is a must-have for every girl in her 30’s.
  • Choose a classy design and enjoy the sun looking like a sand goddess.

30: A go-to lip shade

Every girl should have a lip colour that looks good on her no matter what. The perfect lip shade completes every look. Choose the most flattering colour on your complexion and girl you are ready to run the world.

30’s is such a great time in life that it deserves a separate collection of its own.

Pheww!!! That was a long list, but girl, it was worth the time.

So what are you waiting for?

Make your own 30 for 30 wardrobe and be the fashionista you already are.

What is your favourite item from this list? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Until next time.

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