Top 10 Fashion Trends Around The Globe 2019

Fashion is art and it keeps itself afresh by stirring up new trends every season. It is already 6 months into 2019 and the fashion lovers are loving the freshness of 2019.

Every year fashion drifts and it changes the definition of “what’s cool” and “what’s in, 2019 is no different.

This year vogued out some expected and unexpected trends that has fascinated the fashion police worldwide.

Do you want to know the top 10 fashion trends that have taken on the world? Well read along:

1: The Drama Of Puffy Sleeves

The world is going gaga overdramatic puffy sleeves. From dresses to blouses puffy sleeves have captured it all. Intricate lacework to detail embellishment, the sleeves are becoming the focus element of dresses. Structured power shoulders are also very in these days. Our fashion sense nudges that this trend is not going to slow down.

2: Pleats, Scrunches and Ruffles

Say goodbye to flowy simple silhouettes and sleek cuts. Micro pleating and runched details are talks of the town with big designer fashion houses using these details on 2019 runways. They make interesting silhouettes and spring-summer 2019 fashion trends is all about it. Brands like Givenchy and Balmain have used tight micro pleats and runching in their spring/summer 2019 collections.

3: Biker shorts with blazers

This is a new trend that has made its way to the masses and we are very surprised. Athleisure combined with formal jackets is a unique concept and fashionistas are happily experimenting with this fashion trend. Matching sets of biker shorts and blazers look super cute and trendy. Definitely worth a try.

4: Wild prints

  • Wild prints are so in and we are not complaining, many celebrities are sporting bold animal prints like orange coats with prominent leopard print on it.
  • Outfits with snake print are also huge right now. Snake print on faux leather coats and shoes look super trendy.
  • Bring out your wild spirit with some fun animal prints and join the print party.

5: 3 colours are ruling in 2019

Lavender, Yellow and Sun Burnt Orange.

  • These colours are a breath of fresh air from the millennial pink and pastels that trended in 2018.
  • Lavender has a very feminine feel and yellow is such a fun colour for summer. These 2 colours are favourite in the list of 2019 women fashion trends.
  • Burnt orange has become a designer favourite as
  • burnt orange colour outfits are showcased by big labels like Valentino in their spring summer collection 2019.
  • Rusty reds yellow and sunburnt oranges are deep vibrant colours that are going to rule this year and we are loving it.

6: Utilitarian  overalls

Comfy and chic jumpsuits with cute pockets ooze out a very mod look. Utilitarian overalls are loved by women around the globe as it is stylish and comfortable at the same time. The Combat look is a genius idea and an ideal function and fashion intersection. The best part is, these overalls are available in many fun colours.

7: Plaid, Tartans And Patch Work

  • Plaid and tartan prints are all over the internet and on the streets as well.
  • These interesting prints along with patchwork look incredibly stylish on all body types.
  • Tartan prints on tailored pants and jackets are still big in 2019 and will continue to trend.

 8: Tie-dye

  • Tie Dye is back with large fashion houses like Dior and Prada. These labels are bringing it back with a new twist.
  • Mixing tie dyes with floral prints creates beautiful patterns which are going to stay in fashion for a long time.
  • Tie dyes are even seen on footwear and handbags along with formal clothes.

 9: Mini handbags

  • Mini bags are the rage right now. We are talking really mini and girl do these look cute.
  • These adorable mini handbags are raising the curiosity of fashion lovers around the world.
  • Forget your totes and hobos at home. Flaunt these little boys and join the trend.

10: Fancy flats and square toes

  • Gone are the days of pointed toes and high stilettos.
  • Fancy flats are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Square toes are gracing the runway in 2019.

There is a history of love hate relationship with square toe in the fashion world but 2019 may make it a season’s favourite.

Here was our 2019 fashion trend forecast.

We do believe that 2019 will be a big year in the fashion industry with novel ideas and big changes.

All the major labels have already released their Spring Summer 2019 collections and set a baseline for the upcoming next 6 months for the fashion world.

What has been your current favourite trend? Let us know in the comments section below.

Until next time.

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