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Get Out Of The Fashion Rut – Get Fashion Inspired

Ahoy there!!Nothing to wear again??? We have all been there. Every girl out there face this monstrous problem of getting bored with their existing wardrobes. A lot of us think that the problem is not having enough or new clothes but really the main issue is the mundane and uninspired way we look at our closet. Mindlessly shopping every trend is not the solution. Instead, let us revamp our wardrobes and rock 2019 in style.
We call this rediscovering and shopping your own closet  

Today We bring you 8 fabulous hacks and tips to revamp and jazz up your closet with minimum cost and maximum creativity.
This is going to be a lot of fun just like shopping! but shopping from your own closet.

1) Get inspired : Put together a mood board

Creating a mood board or your inspiration board is a lot of fun and it helps you to get your creative juices flowing. Browse fashionable instagrammers , fashion websites and and even E commerce websites to discover the ongoing trends for inspiration. You can either make a mood board online in apps like pinterest or offline – by browsing through a lot of fashion magazines and pasting cut outs on a board. Do not limit yourself by including your tried and tested trends only, this is the time to experiment. So browse on…

2) Cleaning and condensing your closet

After getting inspired its time to attack your closet .If your closet is cluttered with a lot of stuff its hard to curate outfits.Many a times we run out of new outfit ideas because we are not able to see what exactly is in our wardrobe. So its time to clean it. Only keep pieces which you love. If you know you are never going to wear a dress, do not keep it. Also segregate pieces which do not fit you.Make different piles of your clothes- 

  • The pile you want to keep 
  • The pile you want to donate
  • The pile which needs alterations

3) Get your basics right

Well basics are basics, right? While you may feel that basics are boring, they are essential (quite literally). We are going to build most of our new outfits around our basics, so make sure that they fit perfectly. Some basics every girl should own are

  • A white t shirt 
  • A black t shirt 
  • A white or black blouse/top
  • A pair of dark skinny fitted denims 
  • A pair of leggings preferably black
  • A white crisp shirt
  • A pair of Formal pants
  • A classic blazer
  • A black leather jacket

This is our basic list. You can add any other basic of your choice, after all its your closet

4) Creating new outfits ; Having a outfit layout session.

After all this hard work now comes the best part – that is creating new outfits from the ones you already own.

  • Get your new mood board out for reference. 
  • Go to your closet and grab a piece of clothing that you are struggling with like a top that you always pair with the same denim and are bored with the look of it, lay it flat on your bed or a chair. 
  • Next bring out all the bottoms you own – yes all of them! Your shorts, palazzos, pants, and skirts and pair them with the blouse one by one.
  •  Then take pictures of each pairing. 
  • Take a look at all of the pairings and if you like any pairing – try it on. You will be surprised to find combinations that you might never think of yourself.
  • Once you really like a pairing you can start building the entire outfit around it . Bring some shoes , sneakers, heels, bags and accessories to mix and match with your newly curated outfit and see what looks good with it.
  • Once your look is locked down take a final picture of all the elements of your outfit put together.
  • Volla !! You have a completely new look ready.

5) Experiment and create new styles

  • You can mix different styles like sporty clothes with dressier clothes or pair ripped denims with chic blazers.
  • Graphic tees with denim skirts 
  • You can also practice layering- layer plain t shirts with funky jackets or with classy cardigans
  • Play with print on print 
  • Really there is no limit to your creativity here.

6) Create your own look book

Rinse and repeat the above step to create as many outfits you want from your own closet. Take pictures of your final outcome and you will have your own look book ready in no time. Whenever you are running late you can browse your own look book from your phone and choose your outfit of the day. Isn’t that cool!!

7) Accessorize can Dress up & Dress down an Outfit

Accessories are everything. Its true: “accessories are like vitamins to fashion.”You can choose from a variety of accessories to dress up or dress down an outfit. Incorporate belts, hats, boho earrings, long and dainty necklaces, chunky chokers and cute sneakers and classy bags in your wardrobe. You can always mix and match your accessories to compliment various outfits.

8) Fill in the gaps of your closet

When you follow the above-mentioned process, you may notice that your wardrobe is missing some basic pieces like a well fitting shirt or some designer elements or you may notice that it lacks a pop of colour. To tackle this create a shopping list of items you need to complete the gaps in your stylish wardrobe. This way you already know what you need to buy and you will not buy unessential items and save a lot of effort and money.

So here you go these are our 8 awesome tips to refresh and discover your own closet and create cute outfits.

Remember to keep an open mind and have a lot of fun in the process, after all you are shopping in your wardrobe. Go ahead my fashion divas revamp your closet and feel inspired to get ready fabulously every day. Do tell us which tips and hacks you liked the best and share some of your own tips in the comment section below.

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Until next time Hallelujah!!

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