How To Make An Embroidery Thread Tassel?

embroidery thread tassel

Indian art is incomplete without tassels. A statement of this sort lies out of contradictions as tassels are ornaments used for decorating Indian art and fabric, more often than expected. Tassels are layers of threads placed parallel to each other to create art that in turn is used for enhancing another piece of art. These are basically dangling ornaments mostly seen as attachments on ethnic belts, shoes, handbags, bracelets, ladies purses and wallets and a lot more. How to make an embroidery thread tassel? Making a tassel is as easy as reading a comic book. Nevertheless, since, challenges are sure to hinder your way, given below are a few tips meant to be followed to create tantalizing tassels within minutes of the day.

Materials Required For Creating A Tassel

  • Yarn.
  • Cardboard.
  • Needles.
  • Two pairs of scissors.
thread tassel coloured

Importance of the Requirement of Materials Stated Above

  • Yarn measuring 30-35 yards is required to create a 7 inch tassel. Bear in mind that while thinner yarns are sure to bring about an outcome of finer tassels; thicker yarns would lead to a production of chunkier tassels. Choosing cotton and rayon threads on your part would be apt and appreciative.
  • A thick and wide cardboard is an absolutely must have while deciding to make thread tassels. Availability of a slightly stiff cardboard could prove to be an excellent base for thread tassels. However, remember to bear in mind that the cardboard being used is one that is slightly wider that the intended length of the thread tassel.
  • The requirement of a needle is a must. The needle at hand should be none other than a tapestry needle. Bear in mind that the needle being used is one having a blunt edge with a large eye.
  • Keep in hand a big multipurpose pair of scissors at hand to handle the yarn and a smaller version of the same for lighter materials.

Tips To Make A Thread Tassel

thread tassel
  • Take a short piece of yarn and lay it across the cardboard available to you. Tape the string laid over the cardboard to help it remain firm for long.
  • Wind the rest of the yarn around the cardboard until the desired thickness is achieved.
  • Once you are done winding the leftover yarn, bring the ends of the short piece together in order to tie it tightly to help one end of the tassel to remain firm and gathered.
  • Slip the bigger pair of scissors in between the opposite side of the tassel to cut the ends of the united thread slowly and evenly.
  • Use the leftover yarn to wind it around the neck of the ornament. Tie the same tight by knotting it.
  • Use the needle at hand to hide the ends of the thread.
  • Trim the end of the art to get a perfect finish.

With all the tips and tricks stated above, making a thread tassel will now be a child’s play!

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