Golf Attire Checklist – A Must-Have For Golfers!

The history of the dress code for golf players goes a long way back to the 19th century. Such requirements aren’t as strict today. But it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you should wear to the golf course.

Even if the golf club you go to doesn’t require you to wear certain attire, there are some rules you may consider following to make your game more comfortable.

In this article, we are offering a short golf attire checklist that can help you look and feel your best at any golf course in the country and beyond.

1. Golf Shoes

Even golf courses with the most relaxed dress codes are likely to have requirements about the shoes you wear. Consider the following parameters when choosing ideal golf shoes for your next game:

·         Spike or spikeless. Spiked shoes have better traction and may be an excellent choice for poor weather conditions. In dry weather, spikeless shoes are better since they are lighter and more flexible. If you choose spiked shoes, go for plastic spikes. Most golf courses don’t allow metal spikes since they damage the surface.

·         Leather or Synthetic. Leather shoes look stylish while offering excellent breathability and durability. However, they are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. Meanwhile, synthetic shoes are easier to maintain.

·         Weatherproof or breathable. If you live in the area where the weather is unstable, opt for weatherproof shoes. This way you won’t have to leave the golf course when it starts drizzling. If the weather is dry and hot, make sure you get breathable shoes with mesh panels or perforation.

Golf shoes should be a perfect fit to ensure comfortable playing for hours. If your golf club has a dress code, you have to avoid sneakers and open shoes like flip-flops.

2. Golf Hat (Cap)

Even if your golf club doesn’t require you to wear a hat, you should consider it anyway. A hat can protect you when the weather is cool while keeping the sun away when it’s hot out.

A cap does an additional job of protecting your eyes from the direct sunshine, making your swing more accurate. If the sun is not too hot, but you still want some protection from the glare, consider wearing a visor.

Buying a hat online could be tricky because you need a perfect fit. Make sure the website you use has dimensions for each size to help you choose the right product. Also, consider websites with simple return policies.  Some e-stores, such as TheGolfSociety, offer one-size caps, which can be regulated to your liking.

3. Golf Pants, Shorts, and Skirts

Depending on the requirements of your golf club and the weather, you need to invest in pants, shorts or skirts. If there is a chance that you might go to the golf club with a dress code, the attire for your lower half should follow these rules:

  • Have belt loops (the belt itself is not necessary)
  • Have a fly
  • Be long (not higher than the knee level)

When you are choosing golf pants, comfort is the priority. Since you would need to move around a lot, it’s better to select something other than a slim fit.

Depending on your budget, choose a suitable material for your pants. Ideally, they should be lightweight, breathable, flexible and flick moisture away from your legs. Some manufacturers offer anti-microbial and UV light resistance options.

If you are on a tight budget, consider purchasing cotton pants with a slight addition of synthetic materials for stretching.

Remember, even though skirts are comfortable for playing golf, you may want to consider wearing tights or yoga pants underneath for worry-free movement.

4. Golf Shirts  

When it comes to golf shirts, the variety is endless. However, the majority of dress codes requires your shirt to be collared.

Thankfully, you don’t have to buy office shirts for the golf course. Today, the majority of players opt for polo shirts. You can choose the sleeve length depending on the weather and preferences.

When choosing the material for your golf shirt, use the same rules as for the pants. Your comfort is the most important criteria you should follow. Changing shirts mid-game could be frustrating.

Consider matching your outfit. Even if there is no dress code, try to avoid wild colors. Neutral colors and cool hues are the best choices for any garment.

5. Golf Socks

Yes, you have to think about socks too. Ideally, they should match the rest of your outfit while making your feet feel comfortable. Socks can make or break your game by either keeping your feet dry or making them sweaty.

Usually, you can wear socks of any length. However, if you are wearing shorts, consider ankle-length socks.

Wear socks. Even if you love walking around without them, you need socks during the game. Generally, golf clubs don’t have any rules about socks. But it doesn’t mean you can avoid them altogether.

6. Outerwear

It could get cold or rainy on the golf course. So when you see an unclear forecast, consider bringing something warm to the game. Golf players often wear sweaters or vests over their collared shirts. Just make sure they match the color of your outfit.

You can bring a raincoat to the golf course. However, the majority of golfers prefer to invest in rain suits that don’t interfere with their movements.

By taking advantage of this simple checklist, you can forget about any dress code worries and enjoy your next golf game to its fullest.

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