Evolution of Watches

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Infographic on evolution of watches submitted by Giveandtake watches (London)

Give and take presents the complete infographic on watches evolution. The watches first embarked on their presence during the 16th century. It was a great deal earlier to detect and to know the exact time. Hearty thanks to the invention of the mainspring in the 15th century. Do you know, the word watch is originated from the old English word woecce which meant watchman. Nuremberg and Peter Henlein are credited as the discoverer of the watch. The contribution of these watchmakers to the watch industry is indeed commendable. The inventions then have been constantly and tremendously improved and now we are today armed with more accurate and easily available timepieces.

Are you fond of watches? You perhaps have no idea who is the very person who has strapped a watch to their wrist. Though wristwatch was earlier considered feminine then, now wristwatches have become one of the convenient and most popular accessories among people from all walks of life. Mens Pocket watches remained in vogue only for a brief period of time. Pendant watches were short-lived and became outdated and out of fashion owing to it’s certain drawbacks and demanded the dire need of upgrading.

With the help of this infographic, we endeavored to limelight the event that actually led up to the creation of watches. A big thanks to the technology and globalization of the marketplace that there are myriad designers and watchmakers that have popped up in recent years. At give and take you can shop cheap watches for your favorite style you are looking for.

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