Arab Fashion Week launched virtually from June 24th to 26th 2020

virtual arab fashion week

Virtual Fashion week with shop the show

The Arab Fashion Week has ended in massive success for this season’s virtual edition. Broadcasted live fashion shows, beyond the shows panels and Shop the Runway generating over five million views & 20 million reach on the @arabfashioncouncil’s instagram alone. The last day highlighted some shows featuring genderless collection with strong message for peace and equality. 

“Being the number 1 makeup brand from the fashion capital Milan, Italy. We, are thrilled to be named the official makeup partner of the Arab Fashion Week, the most important fashion event in the region which highlight our commitments to foster the growth of the regional talent and providing our expertise on the latest trends in the cosmetics industry.”, says Jonathan Lantoine, General Manager of KIKO Milano Middle East.

Amato: Global designer brand that has earned itself an international cult

virtual fashion show 2020 dubai

Sophia Nubes: Italian designer that has showcased in Dubai for 5 Editions and has not missed a season

virtual fashion show 2020

Fashion Farm Foundation: Founded by a group of enthusiastic fashion entrepreneurs and fashion educators in Hong Kong

virtual fashion show

AAVVA Fashion: A Dubai-based fashion brand that brought architectural insight into fashion, distinctly known as the brand that blends Arabic and Latin American roots into the UAE’s rich cultural environment

virtual arab fashion week 2020

Nueve: Turkish Brand with focus on twisting known concepts of art and fashion into unexplored and unique creations.

virtual fashion week 2020

Mada’En: Creative director, Jordanian British couturier Farah Bseiso will presented Mada’en with a Fall-Winter 2020-21 collection which evokes the glamour of the 50’s New Look

virtual fashion show 2020

Saad Collection: in collaboration with Mada’En and Nueve is presenting on the runway a jewelry collection that explores marine life and sea creatures. The collection is created as a tribute to the beauty of nature as water is the essence of life

Baravia: Gulnora Mukhedinova, the entrepreneur and creative director of Baravia presents “Space Star”

virtual fashion week dubai

Joweh: Presented a geometrical collection in black and white dominated theme in the form wearable contemporary art.

FAD: This season FAD Dubai is committed to its ongoing support for young regional designers and this season will unveil 8 of its students and their collections at the first ever digital fashion week in the region.

“It is another historical benchmark we have achieved and a clear break through to the future of the fashion industry paving the way to revolutionize the traditional calendar by adapting a new digital experience that best fits the global financial and digital trend. We consider this move as a victorious step to shape the future of the fashion system into a more consumer conscious platform and sustainable culture”, says Jacob Abrian, Founder & CEO of the Arab Fashion Council.

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