The Different Types of Closets and How To Use Them

Caption: A simple rack is one of tA nicely assembled closet rack

We live in a consumerist society where there are more and more things to buy and own each day. A large percentage of what we purchase comes down to the things we wear. Fashion has become one of the main ways people express themselves. That being said, there are, of course, some other necessities that must go with this fun habit of ours. No, we’re not talking about accessories, although that was a valid guess. We’re here to discuss the thing we all use and need daily – that’s right, closets. We can safely say that many have a tendency to forget or dismiss the importance of keeping your clothes in the right condition. This is actually quite easily done, all you need to do is know which out of different types of closets is the right one for you.

Is knowing different closet types really that important?

Especially if you’ve never really bothered to go deeper into this topic, it’s natural for this question to be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the answer is that it absolutely is. Choosing the right type of wardrobe certainly plays a huge role in being able to sustain your clothes in the best condition possible. In a lot of ways, you’ll actually save a lot of money by choosing the right closet.

What’s out there?

Let’s go through some of the most iconic types of closets so that you can get the feel of what’s out there and make an informed decision.

A walk-in closet

It’s not very usual to start a list with the most expensive thing, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. As far as closets go, this is the prime selection. It’s the best of the best. If you opt for a walk-in closet, you’ll never again have to wonder how to make more space for new clothes in your closet.

What we mustn’t fail to mention is that you can definitely have this type of closet even on a budget. If you happen to have a room that you don’t really have a use for – voila. That’s your place to start. You can take a lot of inspiration from different sites and try to apply it to your case. It might not turn out flawless, but it’ll have your personal touch and you’ll enjoy it. That’s the most important thing, after all.

When it comes to different types of closets, a walk-in closet is the most prestigious

There are of course instances where you have space but not the time, energy or skill needed to achieve this on your own. That’s completely fine. You could always hire either your movers or anyone that’s skillful and experienced enough to be able to help. Movers like are a good choice because of their flexibility and dedication.

A classic

Out of all the closet types, this is probably the one that most people own. However, there’s something that they maybe aren’t familiar with. There are some ways to make this seemingly dull and uninspirational closet fun and practical. It’s all about how you’re using what you already own.

  • Be organized
    No matter which kind of closet you’re using, this has to be something you pay attention to. Don’t be lazy with your laundry routine. There are a lot of really cool and fresh techniques for folding your clothes, you just need to see which ones work for you.
  • Don’t overcrowd
    It’s a really smart idea to separate your clothes into sections. There must be some things, depending on the season for example, that you won’t be wearing for a few months. These can go someplace else. You could also divide your closet into sections according to different occasions. You can have 5 luxury pieces, 5 everyday combinations, and 5 work attires displayed in the front of your closet for better managing.
  • Mirror
    Even though we’re talking about the most ordinary out of all the different types of wardrobes, you could add a little flair with a mirror. Simply attach an ordinary mirror on the inside of your closet door and see it become much nicer and bigger looking.

A simple rack

This is certainly one of the most interesting types of closets, and it’s something that has become really popular over the last decade. The thing with this kind of closet use is that you really do need to keep it tidy. There’s no room for messing up because it’ll be visible at all times.

Caption: A simple rack is one of tA nicely assembled closet rack
Caption: A simple rack is one of the most original types of closets.

There are a lot of advantages to it, though. It costs next to nothing to ‘install’ it. It’s also quite forgiving when it comes to smaller spaces because it’s not as boxy as an ordinary closet. What’s more, it can be a great way to let the artist in you live a little.

Some other tips on how to use these different closet types to their fullest potential

Going out of your way to make the most of what you have will make it at least twice as worthy. You can really make the most of the space you have at your disposal, you just need to know a couple of tricks.

  1. Have your closet ready for anything
    This is a rule we should all live by. What we mean by this is that your closet should be organized so that, if you needed to pack your wardrobe for relocation or a trip, you’d be ready to head out the door in less than 10 minutes. If you follow this rule, you’ll never have to worry about not finding what to wear again because everything will be within a hand’s reach.
  2. Floor
    Don’t forget to use every part of your closet to its full advantage. Yes, that means the floor too.
  3. Use oils and natural scents
    This step will help make your everyday experience much more enjoyable.
  4. Throw or give away what you don’t use
    Don’t get attached to things that you no longer have use for. Someone else might really need something that’ll otherwise sit in your closet and collect dust.
  5. Add some lighting and paint it a light color
    Whichever one of the different types of closets you’ve gone with, this is a step that’ll help make it look much more spacious.

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