9 Ways to Make Nude Makeup More Vavavoom

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Nude makeup has been on trend for over the last five years, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It remains to be popular because of the natural beauty it creates. The colors are like what you originally have on you but better.

It is for this reason that top makeup brands always have new nude palettes every season. They always sell well because they are pretty. However, if you are a makeup enthusiast, at some point, you wonder how much more you can get out of nude makeup. Or, how can you be more creative or versatile with it?

Although it may seem like the skin color of nude makeup does not offer an abundance of possibilities, professional makeup artists beg to differ. According to a beauty expert and top editorial makeup artist in Dubai, nude makeup presents the opportunity for the display of true professional makeup techniques.

Therefore, if you wish to boost your makeup creativity even with a supposed “limited” product, learn from the experts. You can take a professional makeup class to strengthen your foundation and learn how to unleash your artistry in the medium. But, to get you started on revolutionizing the way you use your nude makeup palettes, listed below are nine excellent tricks to make nude makeup stand out.

1. Create a more graphic eye line.

One of the common issues that people have with nude makeup is its tendency to make features somewhat disappear. To prevent this from happening, makeup artists like to get bold with the eye line. They draw on a thicker line and make sure to extend it out.

This makes the eyes pop and gives the nude, and natural makeup look an edgy or fierce vibe. Think about how JLo’s the queen of nude makeup, yet her gorgeous doe eyes emphasized by thick eyeliner always steal the spotlight.

2. Highlight to the heavens.

Another issue with nude makeup is how it has the tendency to look flat, especially when the products have a matte formula. You can restore dimension to the face by going ham on the highlighter.

It’s not enough that a nude palette has a few pans of shimmery colors, you have to bring in the glow of a true highlighting product. Aim for an ethereal look by brushing on highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, your nose bridge and tip, your Cupid’s bow, the lower lip line, the chin, the arch of your eyebrows, and your brow bone.

Side tip: For a healthier and more natural-looking glow, work with a pink highlighter if you’re fair, and brown gold highlighter if you have a deeper skin tone.

3. Use an unexpected color of eyeliner for a cat-eye or crease cut.

Bring an element of surprise to a nude makeup look by opting for an unexpected color of eyeliner for an elaborate cat-eye or crease cut. Experiment with neon colors, cobalt blue (which looks gorgeous if you have brown eyes), pink, seafoam green, and coral.

Make sure to lay these colors on thick, so they really pop or draw attention to your eyes.

4. Go bold with the lashes.

If you do not feel like deviating from the natural colors of a nude makeup palette even if you want to create a vavavoom MOTD, big, fluttery lashes are the solution.

The butterflies, as what Marie Osmond calls fake lashes, can instantly give a dramatic appearance for your overall look. Just by sticking big, fake lashes on, your peepers will look sexy and flirty.

5. Dab a popping color under your pupils.

This is a zhooshing strategy for the nude and neutral makeup that a lot of French women usually go for. To make their everyday look more interesting, they work in a bright and opaque eyeshadow hue to intensify their eye color. But, instead of sweeping the color on the lids, it is placed under the eyes.

Dad the eyeshadow directly under the pupils – meaning, at the center of the under-eyes. Feather out the edges a bit using your finger to make the color look more intentional. Doing this creates the illusion of bigger pupils.

If you have warm brown eyes, blue always looks great. Deep rose gold, meanwhile, is perfect for light blue eyes.

6. Work in a glossy and glittery lip topper.

Lip toppers have made a strong comeback in the last year. And, with the resurgence of late ’90s trends, glittery glosses are back in makeup counters, and for a good reason.

These lip toppers make the lips more plump and juicy. At the same time, the tiny flecks of glitter make any natural makeup look automatically more glamorous.

7. Create stronger brows.

When you have nude makeup on, it’s crucial to create dimension for the face or to break its flat and monochromatic appearance. Highlighting, as previously mentioned, is a great strategy but so is drawing on thicker and stronger-looking brows.

Brows frame the face so if you can emphasize them more, they are sure to make neutral makeup more attractive and fancier. If you already have thick brows, darken them up a bit by using a brow pomade. Now, if you have skinny eyebrows, try working with a stencil to draw fuller brows similar to Audrey Hepburn’s.

8. Apply your blush much higher.

To give nude makeup a more kawaii appeal, apply your blush much higher – like just slightly below the under-eyes. Dab the blush, whatever nude hue it may be, about half a centimeter below your under-eyes. Afterward, work it slightly down and over your nose bridge.

This is called the Japanese Igari makeup trick, which is inspired by the natural flush you get after having a drink or working out.

9. Draw faux freckles.

Drawing freckles on your nose cheeks and forehead can make nude makeup look healthier and more natural. Along with that, they can make you look more youthful.

To create fake freckles, use a waterproof, light brown eyeliner. This way, you can retouch your makeup without worrying about erasing the smattering of beauty spots on your face.

See? There are all sorts of possibilities with nude makeup. You can achieve so many looks with it that are not only more eye-catching but do not look similar to each other. It’s all about knowing the best tricks, so even if you are working with nude or natural skin colors, your makeup looks do not always have to be “no-makeup makeup” or “all-natural.”

Author Bio:

Toni Malt is the Middle East’s leading international editorial makeup artist and the woman behind the highly anticipated Toni Malt Makeup Academy in the heart of Dubai, now training the next generation of key makeup artists. From minimalistic looks to freestyle artistic creations, Toni’s creative work has been published in top international fashion magazines around the world including VOGUE, ELLE, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Harper’s BAZAAR, Grazia and Cosmopolitan.

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