10 Hottest Men’s Fashion Style List Of 2019

trendiest men’s fashion style list.

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Fashion trends in men’s world move differently than female counterparts. A classic male wardrobe showcases the try and tested button-downs, some classic graphic tees, dark denim, office wear tailored pants etc.. You got the gist.

But 2019  has brought a new male vibe and the dudes are enthusiastically adopting urban and casual styles this year.

Here is the top 10 hottest and trendiest men’s fashion style list.

 Take a look.

Men’s casual fashion 2019 is upgraded with light wash denim :

Let’s be real guys, denim cannot go out of style. Denim jeans is a staple for every guys wardrobe. 2019 has popularised a light wash version of the same dark denim.

A pair of slim fit light wash denim will look great with stylish sneakers. Keep the look casual and fun, do not over dress it. Including a light wash denim is the easiest way to introduce latest fashion into your wardrobe.

Pinstripes: The new urban male trend 2019

Pinstripes has sneaked into almost all forms of men’s clothing making it one of the hottest men’s urban fashion trend of 2019, ranging from shirts to suits to tailored pants, pinstripes are everywhere.

Pinstripes oozes out a posh polished vibe making it a great choice for office wears and formal clothing.

Choose a print and colour that matches your taste and style and accessories your pinstripes ensemble with formal matching shoes.

Suede Chelsea Boots are the ‘IT’ shoes for 2019

Chelsea Boots are my favourite fashion trend of 2019 because they look good all the time and on everybody. Suede boots can be worn both formally and informally and are very comfortable.

Pair them with a white crisp shirt for a date or you can pair them with formal office wear, you cannot go wrong with them. The best thing is you can easily dress them up and down.

Chelsea boots are going to trend in 2019 and further, we recommend you to grab a few pair in 2-3 different shades and colours as we do not foresee this trend going down.

Crossbody bags are the top candidate for the men’s streetwear trends 2019

Cross body bags are everywhere. From Instagram feeds to urban streets. Cross body bags are popularised by big brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Supreme.

Men are enjoying this  trend and lets be honest they look super cool as a fashion accessory. They are more of a fashion statement than a functional bag, ideal for a day out in the sun.

Cropped trousers: Surprising men’s fashion trend 2019

We are calling it surprising because slim and skinny fit trousers are ruling the fashion game for a few years now. Cropped trousers is a intersection of formal and informal clothing which looks edgy and fashionable at the same time.

Many male fashion influencers are experimenting with this trend and we could not be happier.

Experiment with cropped trousers and a button down formal shirt and go flaunt your ankles in style.

Cuban collared shirts: The trendiest trend in 2019 men fashion list

Cuban collared shirts are shirts with short sleeves and small collars. They have a chill beachy vibe about them. Include a Cuban collared shirt in a cute print for an easy breezy look.

 They will look best with a light coloured denim or shorts. Ideal for a Sunday brunch or the day on the beach.

Vests and utilitarian jackets

Vest are ought to be in this men’s fashion trends of 2019 list as every other brand is showcasing their vests on runways and spring summer collections.

Vests with loads of zippers and pockets are in vogue with celebrities like Drake wearing them in concerts and events.

Include a trendy vest in your closet and experiment with your style.

Vintage watches are back in the fashion in 2019.

Watches are a focal accessory of male fashion and vintage watches are again popular among guys in 2019.

Vintage watches are a smart investment as they hold value over a period of time. Invest in a timeless vintage piece because a good watch elevates any outfit ten folds. Take your sweet time in choosing your perfect vintage watch.

Corduroy makes a comeback in men’s fashion in 2019

90’s rage corduroy is back with minor tweaks in 2019.

Corduroy fabric has an interesting texture and adds edge to any outfit. Corduroy jackets and pants are seen gracing the runways and also the streets.

If you are bored with formal looking pants you can definitely try Corduroy pants for a laid back cool look. The corduroy fabric is versatile and looks good in a variety of colours.

Rings: Bring out the bling in 2019

Last but not the least on men’s fashion styles list 2019 are rings. Stacking up on rings in gold and silver has become the new trend and men are not shying away from it.

Jazz up your casual outfits by putting on some cool looking ring bands. It’s the easiest way to inject some 2019 fashion in everyday life.

According to our good old fashion judgement, these 10 trends will rule male fashion in 2019.

What is your favourite trend from the list? Which one are you going to include in your own wardrobe?

Do tell us in the comments section below.

Until next time.

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