PFW FW 20/21- Fashion Week’s Insights by BellaZofia

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Virtual Reality, a key in Paris Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2020

Paris is the final stop of fashion world tour and all fashionistas can now return homes. In Paris shows were not cancelled, but Coronavirus has dominated conversations during the shows and outside of them.  For me of the most impacting fashion show was by Marine Serre’s post climate-apocalypse collection called “Marée Noire” (Oil Spill). It was a survival, streetwear fashion in dark colours and with the use sustainable materials, including recycled plastic raincoats. Her “survivor’s models” very often were wearing masks and it was also very strong point during this not so at easy fashion week.

Paris fashion week 2020 catwalk
From Paris Fashion Week 2020

Designer that I would like to present to you, is Jessica Tierney with her brand Chained Couture, with collection “Paris – 48.8566° N. Her signature stainless steel accessories combined with very architectural designs were very modern and feminine. “The entire collection explored the conceptualisation of travel and the femininity in architecture within the city of Paris. Military inspired epliettes encrusted with crystals and studs, architectural draped gowns and stainless steel belted pieces that were captivating with design details such as cutouts as well as perfectly placed studs”. She has created striking silhouettes by layering textured fabrics, like Merino wool, tulle, and adding stainless accessories.  

From Paris Fashion Show 2020
From Paris Fashion Show 2020
From Paris Fashion Show 2020 models
From Paris Fashion Week 2020

Last Fashion Show that I saw during the fashion week was Anaïs Jourden, it was the first time when I saw the fashion show that incorporated virtual reality as part of presentation. This fashion show was so unusual, as Anaïs Mak, Hong Kong based designer was also affected by coronavirus herself and directed the show from the backstage. Largest part of her collection didn’t arrived and instead of cancelling the show she added the VR to present the missing looks. In total she presented only 12 real looks plus and one that was worn by singer and songwriter Vox, who performed through a veil with blue flowers on it.

From Paris Fashion Week 2020 Designer
From Paris Fashion Week 2020
From Designers Paris Fashion Week 2020
From Paris Fashion Show 2020

By Izabela Switon-Kulinska

IG @bella_zofia 

Izabela is a fashion blogger, model, influencer, writer and fashion show producer. She is based in Geneva, Switzerland, where she is raising 2 years old son.

From Paris Fashion Week 20/21

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