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Modest Fashion Week is coming for the second time to Dubai! This time with lots of powerful message: From Women to Women.

Hilal Oguzkan Modest Fashion Week
Hilal Oguzkan Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2017

Modest Fashion Week has been making headlines from time to time since 2016. The secret? It’s disruptive concept!

The event series is exposing A to Z about Modest Fashion, gathering everybody in the industry, travelling events to making global headlines everywhere they go. Modest Fashion Weeks is also the first one to positioned Modest Fashion as a lifestyle for all women with all backgrounds and faith.

Dulce by Safiya- Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2017

The event itself is born from the grass-root from Women to Women. Franka Soeria and Ozlem Sahin – the founders, are self-funded entrepreneurs with a vision. These two women from 2 different countries (Turkey and Indonesia) have completely different look but has the same interest: Modest Fashion. Under their company- Think Fashion, they are in marathon efforts of creating solutions for Modest Fashion industry worldwide.

Under their company- Think Fashion, they are in marathon efforts of creating solutions for Modest Fashion industry worldwide.

“We never imagine that we will reach this mile stones. It was started with a concept. With the non-stop efforts and collaborations spirit; we made it as a global brand. We made Modest Fashion Weeks in Istanbul, London, Dubai, Jakarta. When we see our achievements, people really think that Modest Fashion Weeks series is made by giant company- which is not. The events are created by us- two women with passion and we manage to make the these known globally from one city to another. With the growth of our events, we have help creating global names in modest fashion, people really find us as the right platform to amplify their achievements. It’s a trust that we got from them and we want to keep on going creating great things. To take things to another level…” told Franka Soeria– the cofounder which is originally from Indonesia.

“As Think Fashion, we made many initiatives so far, we have our offline selling channels to help brands sell their products, now we have – a marketplace dedicated for Modest Fashion Weeks designers with the concept From Catwalk to Your Wardrobe. We also have Council of Modest Fashion- which will be the biggest and most trusted modest fashion collective worldwide ” said Ozlem Sahin– the cofounder from Turkey.

This year Modest Fashion Week’s series will kick off  in Dubai: Dubai Modest Fashion Week on March 7-9 at miX by Alain Ducasse restaurant, situated at Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai- Palm Jumeirah, UAE. It will be the second time they do the event in Dubai, the first time that they repeat a city.

#DMFW 2019 will be presented in unique concept- fashion week in a rooftop. Highlighting International Women’s Day (March 8) & Fashion for Good.


There will be good numbers of international modest fashion designers and brand, as long as the amazing talents of locals in the UAE showcasing their collections in Parade Shows.

Mariyan Sulemanova Designer DMFW-19

From Anotah from Kuwait, Imen Bousnina from Austria, Niswa Fashion, Lebasi and Wafa from USA, Mariyan Suleymanova and Ahada from Russia, The Hijab Lee and Asiya Rafiq from India, Mayada Apparel from Canada, Mizalle and Sempre from Turkey, Kazeca Studio from Australia, Zeina Ali and Hama Yassen from Jordan, Naj Tags from Lebanon, Raidha’s from Maldives, Lavia Abaya from Thailand, Boutallion from Netherlands, Victoria Design from Estonia to S by Samar, JG Couture and My Kaftan from UAE.  

My Kaftan Designer Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2019

There are five brands will represent Indonesia; #Markamarie, Devi Janeeta, Lina Sukijo, Jawhara Syari and CR by Tika Ramlan with diverse style from urban to more conservative look; Syari Style. Singapore will also showcase their urban designs from Adrianna Yariqa and Emma Melisa Apparel.

The opening show will be presented by H.H Sheikha Hend Faisal Al Qassemi. As one of serial entrepreneur in the UAE, Sheikha Hend is one of perfect representation of Power Women in the country. She is the owner of the brand House of Hend, Editor in Chief of Velvet Magazine and the writer of The Black Book of Arabia. This is the first time Sheikha join Modest Fashion Weeks catwalk after participating in the talkshow of the previous DMFW in 2017.

There will be multiple exclusive shows, one of them is ANOTAH from Kuwait. Known as one of the most successful lifestyle brand, ANOTAH was established in 1998 with the foresight of providing inspiring collections that are tailored to fit modest, Middle Eastern women. From a single store in Kuwait, ANOTAH has grown to over 25 stores across the Middle East.

Hama Yassen Designer Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2019

Netherlands represented by Boutallion will show their potential in modest fashion. Boutallion will launch a couture collection specially created for Dubai. With Italian craftsmanship, exotic leathers, silk fabrics, real gold & diamonds- the collection is made for the contemporary and artistic soul. 

JG Couture Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2019

Azerbaijan will introduce their unique collection in the event through exclusive fashion show. The show will present best talents of the country showcasing their modest designs; Nargiz Shakhbazi and Hijab Queen, Anara Zakirli, Zahra World and Lyaman Hajiyeva. Through the show, we will get amazing introduction about Azerbaijan strength in design and details.

Niswa Fashion Designer DMFW-19


Modest Fashion Week focus in #DMFW 2019 is highlighting International Women’s Day & Fashion For Good.

One of the date of the event will be March 8; International Women’s Day. To celebrate this special event, there will be multiple projects on #DMFW dedicated for this.

A special movie will be made to celebrate power women around the world. It will be directed by Dubai’s own young women director; Ines Sebiane. 

Also to celebrate the importance of Women Empowerment; Modest Catwalk – a global marketplace for modest fashionwill present a mix and match fashion show dedicated for women and their unique characters presenting multiple designers under their roof. The theme? Happiness!

Dubai Modest Fashion Week will highlight inclusivity through various acts; to open the door of fashion for everybody.

One of them is through Dream & Design for Disabilities projectIt is a project that focusing on disabled communities’ talents & disabled needs in fashion. The project Dream & Design for Disabilities was launched on Jakarta Modest Fashion Week onJuly 2018 involving 3 countries Indonesia-German and Turkey. The project was a big success and sponsored by Indonesia 2018 Asian Paragames.

Now the project will continue in Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2019 by presenting Asiya Rafiq from Kashmir- India who created amazing collections for the disabled people.

Other inclusivity segment will be fashion exhibition made by refugees and underprivileged women. One of them will be #BenangProject – a trending CSR project by #Markamarie and UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) empowering the refugees through fashion training. Catwalk of DMFW will present models with different ethnicities to celebrate diversity from caucasian, african, arabian, asian, latinas and many more. 

The Hijab Lee Designer Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2019


#DMFW will also bring the who’s who of Modest Fashion to Dubai. It will be great networking event of the industry:

-Council of Modest Fashion – one of biggest modest fashion collective worldwide from Asia, Europe, GCC & Middle East to Russia and Africa will bring valuable international and diversity touch to the event.

-Influencers from around the world will also attend the event from Marwa Hassan, Nabilah Kariem, Ifrah Hashi, Yasmin Jay, Dulce by Safiya, Ines Sebiane, Leyla Fathallah, Alia Awwe, Sahar Foad, Aya Massri, Nourhan Kandil, Samah Safi, Ghada Othman, Asma Lootah, Anlya Mustapha, Passant Saleh, Nerveen Al Jabban, Sarah Shafni, Nia Amroun, Aya Fawzy, Faten Zeineddine, Hanadi Jabber, Yasmine Yousri, Noor Alhajjaj, Wafa Ezzeldin, Tasneem Abu Seedo, Meryam Errachdy, Awatef Soboh, Rasha Albeick, Rawan and Suzan Al Sadi, Roua Al Malawy and many more.

-Media and communities from different countries will come and speak about their ideas of modest fashion.

-Buyers from multiple countries will touch base with designers and brands. As well as sharing the tips for designers to attract buyers. 

There are many reasons to visit Dubai Modest Fashion Week in 2019. Come and see diversity, come to celebrate women’s achievements and inclusivity, come to involve in fashion with a good cause, come to support the beauty of covering: MODEST FASHION!

DMFW 2019 is organized by Think Fashion & Red Connect

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