Why Do Men Love Italian Watches

A watch does little more than tell time, yet men spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on them. They’re enticed by watch catalogs and they sometimes spend hours trying to understand the intricacies of timepieces. Swiss-movement watches, leather straps, reflective coatings, precious gemstones—all of these things are on the watch connoisseur’s mind. But what’s so special about watches and why are they so expensive? Here are a few reasons to explain why most men are obsessed with classic timepieces:

A Man’s Choice of Watch Says a Lot About Him:

Regardless of the brand, wearing a watch shows that you value time; yours and the time of others as well. Wearing a nice watch shows people you’re punctual and committed, and these are attributes you should look for in others. Individuals who prefer Italian watch brands prefer classic designs and functionality over glitzy advertising.

Those who don’t shy on the bling and prefer watches laden with hundreds of precious stones mostly belong to the look-at-me Instagram generation, while those preferring the likes of an Omega Seamaster are more adventurous and probably obsessed with old-world spy novels. Individuals who wear watches that cost thousands of dollars use them as status symbols.

Men Can Wear Watches Without Feeling Embarrassed:

Men have traditionally used watches to express themselves. Not everyone can show off their wealth with flashy cars; plus the ones that are worth showing off are so expensive, you’d get tears in your eyes if you saw the price tags. Also, a flashy watch doesn’t necessarily impress women. In fact, a survey conducted by the German watch retailer Montredo found that women prefer minimalist and classic timepieces, and these are watches that Italian watch brands specialize in. In short, both men and women love clean and restrained designs.

But unlike women, men don’t have a lot of accessory options. A few fine suits, a selection of ties, a few cuff links, and a pair of blue jeans are usually what fill a man’s wardrobe. For most men, dressing isn’t about personal style—but it can be! As it was said earlier, a watch says a lot about a man’s personality and character.

Men Appreciate Craftsmanship:

Watch movements entice the vast plurality of men. In fact, most men can tell you the difference between a Swiss-made watch and a Swiss-movement watch. Just as kids love collecting stamps, stones, and toys, men love collecting watches. The more intricate the internal mechanism, the more fascinating the piece. This is one of the many reasons why, even in the age of smart watches, men still prefer mechanical and quartz watches.

But just because a watch is expensive doesn’t mean it’s good. In fact, most expensive Swiss watch brands owe their high costs to the hype that surrounds them. But you can never go wrong with classic, vintage-inspired Italian watches.

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