The 9-Step Guide To Buying A Diamond

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Diamonds are considered a naturally occurring phenomenon. A call for admiration as these stones are highly valuable and can even be priced in the millions! Every form of diamonds including diamond beads hold a significant value that ranges according to several factors contributing to its quality, clarity, and cut.

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Everyone would love the chance to own one of these natural wonders, but those who have the opportunity to get one might not know how to go about this task. Luckily, we have compiled a list of 9 steps to get a diamond worth your money. Read these steps to have a relaxing and pleasant time buying yourself a diamond.

Assess your requirements and plan accordingly

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Before buying anything, you have to take some time out to acknowledge what factor the item should satisfy. These requirements will put prices in perspective and give a specific idea of the specifications in need. In terms of diamonds, you should decide what carat weight, shape, and price limit to choose. Setting up this plan will help you get straight into searching for the ideal diamond.

What shape do you want?

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Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, and it is up to you to make this crucial decision that has the potential to make or break your diamond. Some sizes and cuts look better only in a particular shape. You can buy a specific form if you have a purpose for the stone (for an engagement ring, or a necklace). Diamonds can be of the following shapes: Emerald, princess, round, marquise, kite, etc. The simpler the figure, the lower the price, while high-end prices are property of exquisite forms.

Diamond weight – Carat value

One of the most crucial decisions when buying a diamond is its weight. Defined in terms of carats. A carat is a globally accepted form of matter that applies to diamonds and other precious gemstones. One carat holds the same value anywhere in the world, making diamond trade more comfortable and safer. A carat is 0.2 grams in regular measurements and weighs nothing more and nothing less than this standard weight. Whenever buying diamonds, they will be given in a decimal figure to offer more for a lower price, buying per rounded carat figures is very expensive and not reasonable for the common man.

Cut & quality

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Cut and stone quality are directly related as poorly cut stones have a much lower value than stones featuring a premium cut. You can expect to pay a high price for a shaped stone; if the quality does not match the cut, you might be forced to ignore the quality for the cut desired. The cut does not describe the shape of a diamond but is more about the measurements, polish, and symmetry of a diamond. Based on these a stone may range from excellent to poor based on various properties of the diamond.

Colour and clarity

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Colour and clarity may seem like the same thing, but I assure you they are very different.

Colour defines any slight yellow or opaque hues present in the diamond. While coloured diamonds are valuable, small colour traces in clear white diamonds are not a pleasing sight. Diamonds having colour defects are lower priced and not a very popular hit, but if you like the slight hue, you can pick these up for a nominal price.

Clarity defines the presence of blemishes on the surface or inclusions inside the stone called imperfections. Both of these factors lead to depreciation of the value of a diamond. Of course, diamonds with no defects are scarce, and even if they exist, the price would be ridiculous! Diamond Clarity ranges from flawless (highest quality and rare) to included (low quality and easy to get), make sure you know which one you are buying as shop owners know how to glorify these low-quality stones.

Compare prices and specs with other diamonds.

Anyone hoping to get the best deal on a purchase knows that they must shop around and compare prices to find out if they are being ripped off. Never commit to an investment in a hurry as you might regret paying extra afterwards. Also, once you have settled on a diamond, have a brief look at other options in the same price bracket to find out if you can get a better quality in terms of carat value or cut.

Advice and research

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If you find yourself still unsure, you are free to seek advice from other professional diamond experts on the market. Take your time to go online and browse worldwide diamond catalogues, store by store to compare prices and see if yours is a great deal or not. Sometimes a deal might seem too right to be accurate as they usually are! Get advice from friends and family members who have bought diamonds before.

Check the documents are legit

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This is the part where most people get caught up in a raw deal. Certificates for all diamonds should be distributed or certified by GIA or AGS, as these are globally recognised diamond associations that can be trusted. Anything less than this should be denounced and not accepted. Always ask to see these documents before purchasing the stone and do not get conned into settling, for papers authorised by the store themselves only. Checking the certificates assures that the stone will not be illegally obtained.

Buy the diamond

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Once the details on the certificate have been obtained and carefully looked at, you can choose no by the precious stone or not. In case you do, ask the chop about buybacks and specific policies they follow in case of emergencies. Payment method should be sorted out before committing to a purchase.

Once you have your diamond, you can do what you please with it and hope you are happy with your purchase. Leave it untouched or make it into an elegant jewellery piece for a loved one; the choice is yours. We hope our guide helped get the finest diamond available for that price.

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