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Someone truly said: “Fashion is an art & you are the canvas“.  And this art is ever changing and evolving ..oh so fast, in the age of internet. E-Commerce giant is omnipresent and is guaranteed to dominate the fashion industry in the coming times.

Almost whole of the world is online and it makes complete sense for a fashion brand to built a strong presence on the web with the help of ECommerce websites. But the real question is how to build a tenacious real presence amongst the plethora of around 2 million fashion blogs and brands?

Well the answer is GUEST POSTING on Fashion Blogs !!!

Yes, this simple technique is a boon for fashion brands and websites for getting the relevant audience and carving out their own niche. “Guest posting”  in the fashion ecommerce industry means Posting your articles, look books, blogs and other content on another person’s, preferably an  e commerce website in exchange for exposure and audience.

Our Fashion E commerce Blog is an excellent platform to submit your fashion articles, look books and other fashion content as we already have a dedicated audience who loves to get fresh fashion content and we collaborate with e commerce clothing  and accessories stylists, fashion designers and fashion bloggers around the globe.  Guest Posting will enable you to take advantage of our real visitors and route them to your Website where a bunch of fashion products will be on display. We accept top notch quality content, so if you are a confidant content curator and want to get featured on Fashion Ecommerce Blog then: Submit your fashion blogs here on

Guest posting is a unique strategy for scaling your visibility and readership. How? Well read on : 

1) Submitting guest post to fashion e-commerce blogs is a growth hack to increase visibility on google and other search engines

Guest posting builds credibility of your own fashion blog or ecommerce website in the google search ranking algorithm. It increases the trust ranking as trust points are passed from a reputed and authentic website to the guest website. It improves your website’s google ranking.

 2) Contributing fashion articles to a fashion website will introduce you to new audience and fashion influencers in your niche

Visibility is everything on the internet and contributing your fashion articles on an established e commerce website is an excellent inbound marketing strategy to expand your target audience and it gives newbies a chance to showcase their talents to the world. It builds organic traffic. Guest posts also help in connecting with like minded vogue bloggers.

3) Guest posting helps in building backlinks for your fashion ecommerce website

Back links can be described as incoming links to a web page. When a web page links to any other web page a back link is created. A lot of backlinks from authentic and well established blogs will help in ranking your fashion website higher in search engines. It also improves your website’s domain authority.

4) It helps in building personal relationships within the fashion blogging community

 When a reputed fashion blog accepts your article, your content gains a lot of popularity and builds credibility in eyes of the host fashion blog’s readers. Fashion followers are always in search of fresh and original content.

It helps in entering in an already established community of fashion content curators. Fashion bloggers are extremely influential and if you add value to their blog’s they will happily return the favor. Guest post also generates social proof for new blogs.

5) It will increase your Social Media presence

All Fashion Ecommerce websites share their post to social media, which means that when you submit a guest post to fashion blog you will get intensive social media engagement. It is similar to getting a shout out on Instagram. So here you go, these are some awesome benefits of guest posting which can help you carve out your niche in the fashion industry.

Some other fashion websites which we love and who accepts guest posting are :

  • Pink Mitten in their own words, ” is a collaborative geek chic blog based on love for fashion, beauty, crafts, wedding goodies and all that is beautiful in the world.” One can Write about similar but unique topics and get featured on their blog.
  • Fantaschic is a free online digital magazine with global coverage of the best in women’s products and services and has evolved into a buyers guide manual for women. Offer detailed fashion blogs to them, they love it.
  • Angel M Style is a trendy fashion blog of an fashion lover and this blog is all about fashion tips trends and styles.

Remember to post quality content and we suggest you to read the posting guidelines for each ECommerce or fashion website. Put your blogging gloves on and go to town with guest blogging!!! Do comment below and tell us your experience of guest blogging and how did it help your fashion brand. If you want to learn more on guest blogging, let us know in the comments section below.  

Until next time, hallelujah.   

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