How Exactly E-Commerce Is Helping Fast Fashion To Reach Their Buyers Quickly?

In today’s digital living fashion is not an undisciplined industry churning few collection annually, Neither we are living in a time where only the celebrities and movie stars have the luxury to access high fashion trends.

Today’s buyer decides what they want to wear, eat, drink and carry with the help of few clicks on the internet.

This change of trends has led the birth of Runway Fashion also called as Fast Fashion where brands releases new collections inspired by fashion shows and elite designers almost every week. That too at low affordable prices, thanks to the mass producing technologies. In all this E Commerce is serving as a bandwagon to runway fashion and helping it to reach their audience swiftly.


1) E-Commerce has an unlimited virtual storefront to display latest releases by fast fashion labels. 

Physical Stores lack space to showcase the ever growing new collections. Zara the pioneer in fast fashion industry alone launches new designs every week. It becomes really difficult for the physical stores to keep up with changing trends and latest collection releases.

Ecommerce has changed the ballgame altogether. Thousand of websites are ready and waiting to publish these new fashion pieces.

2) 24*7 Availability in Ecommerce : Ease of buying and selling

E commerce allows customers an ease of shopping from the comfort of their own home and in their own time. 

Brick and mortar stores lack this constant access feature and thus people prefer shopping online. Also many stores do not have the recently launched collections available. And that is what fast fashion is all about – Reaching the consumers quickly !!!

3) Promotion And Advertisement is much easier in the digital space through E Commerce : 

In the age of digital media the entire world is online, it makes so much sense to sell and grow your audience online. Ecommerce helps in promoting the fast fashion labels quickly and  without the heavy cost of traditional marketing. Advertisements are run specifically based on the target audience which makes the whole of the marketing process very efficient.

4) Customers change their preferences as fast as they scroll their social media feeds : 

Influencer marketing is all the rage right now. Today the millenials Gen X and Gen Y generations do not take buying decisions by seeing big Hollywood celebs and pop stars. Instead they are more influenced by social media stars which they relate in their personal lives.They shop by getting inspired by their Instagram feed or watching their favourite youtubers.

Thus Ecommerce websites bridge the gap between what consumer see on social media and what they have in their closet – very swiftly.

5) Experimental fashion has gained a following of its own and E Commerce caters to this niche: 

Some fast fashion brands are very experimental and edgy. And today’s fashion buyers love edgy stuff. Earlier the physical stores did not cater to these experimental fashion enthusiasts but now Ecommerce platforms have a space for everything and every type of fashion is sold on these websites.Runway labels are now coming out with exclusive experimental pieces and people are loving them. These fashion clothing and accessories are selling like crazy online.

6) Planned Obsolescence or Limited pieces create a sense of urgency in the buyers : 

Fast fashion is all about  reducing the life of a specific trend or style and serving it to the consumers as soon as possible. This creates a sense of urgency and fashion labels are launching more of  “Limited Edition” pieces. This planned obsolescence increases sales and create a huge market for new sales.Through E Commerce this limited edition atmosphere can be easily created and monetised.

7) E-Commerce is completely data-driven and thus Fast Fashion stores can target their consumer market easily and specifically : 

Runway Fashion Business is completely based on data. E commerce is the perfect platform to integrate this data driven business to consumers.

Online shopping experience is completely customised and thus millions of customers are preferring shopping online.

8) Global reach of ECommerce: 

Through Ecommerce, Runway fashion is able to reach every nook and corner globally through the power of internet and social media.

It is difficult for physical brick and mortar stores to reach such a large audience. Today people located in remote places know about runway fashion brands like Zara, Topshop, H&M and shop online through E commerce stores.

It is not possible for the fast fashion brands to open their stores in all cities of the world. E Commerce has created a truly global marketplace.

Well, according to us fast fashion is here to stay and E-commerce is going to be the crusader for it. What do you think about runway fashion and e-commerce? Do you like to shop online or offline?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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Until next time Hallelujah!!!

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