Top Fashion Trends in Menswear This Year

It has been a pretty crazy year thus far but the world of fashion is still shining brighter as ever. After all who doesn’t like to dress up in style. You must have heard the saying, “the first impression is the last impression”. Well, it holds true particularly in the fashion industry. This is why men tend to take care of their styling. Yes, that’s right! Fashion is not just all about women anymore now as men have also started to opt for classier looks. They can just as much steal the limelight with their awesome outfits as women.

Fashion Trends in 2021

Nothing screams style more than American made clothing. This is why men prefer to trust local brands for keeping them in style. Recently, there has been a strong comeback in tailoring with ties, oversized coats, and well-cut suits. Plus, monochrome looks and leather outfits are also becoming quite popular. If you want to know what else will be becoming hip then take a look at these four fashion trends that will dominate the year 2021.

#1. Loosening Up

Hugging fits have been in fashion for quite some time but it is about time to change the trend. Introducing, loose cuts. This style is quickly gaining mainstream attention. More and more people have now started to try this new look by going for baggy denim and oversized tailoring. All in all, loose cuts are certainly a breath of fresh air.

How to Sport It

It is understandable if you find the shift of going from slim-fit everything to something that doesn’t cling to your calves a bit daunting. The key to sporting this style is to create a clean and cohesive silhouette from head to toe. Also, try to avoid contrast as much as possible. For instance, dawning a baggy jacket with skin-tight trousers will look disproportionate. Hence, it is important to wear clothes of a similar cut. If your legwear is a bit relaxed then your upper half should also be.


#2. Commando Soles

The men’s footwear fashion has moved from simplicity to maximalism and this change is most evident in the sneaker world. However, formal footwear such as brogues and boots have also started to experience this change. One example of this is the emergence of commando sole. It is bulky, bold, and has a way of altering a shoe’s overall look. This new style has taken over from everything from Derbies to Chelsea boots. These soles provide increased traction during the winter season, making it a rare trend that is both practical and stylish.

How to Sport It

Before rocking the commando soles, it is important to know the type of footwear they are attached to. If for instance, if you own a Chelsea or Derby boot then you can pair it with wintry clothing such as a chore coat that you will wear above regular-fit denim, and a thick twill overshirt. Always remember not to wear skinny fits as the rugged sole will create a chunkiness that might look a little jarring in contrast.


#3. Gore-Tex Sneakers

Sneakerheads from across the globe are always concerned about their most favorite possession i.e. sneakers. They care for them as much as possible but sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can ruin their shoes such as adverse weather. Imagine wearing your sneakers and it starts to pour down. It would certainly feel like their worst nightmare coming true. However, some major brands such as Nike and New Balance has taken the initiative to introduce weather-proof sneakers called, Gore-Tex. These new sneakers have become a rage among men and you will certainly see a lot of people rocking them in 2021.

How to Sport It

Gore-Tex sneakers include the waterproof versions of old classics as well as some high-performance trail shoes. To style them with your clothing, it will depend on what sneaker you choose to buy. You might consider opting for something low-key and then pair it with an outdoorsy wardrobe like cargo, and down jackets.

#4. Tailor-Made Clothing and Knitwear

As stated earlier, tailor-made clothing is back in fashion again, causing men to grow more conscious about layering and texture.  Suits with knitwear are becoming popular again which has led to a general loosening up of the dress code. For example, rollnecks have replaced stuffy shirts, and beanies are now paired with unstructured blazers.  This trend will surely turn out to be a staple of modern menswear in 2021.

How to Sport It

As long as you choose the right knitwear and tailored suit, the outfit will look amazing. The piece that you should focus on is the rollneck that can look elegant underneath a suit jacket. This knitwear-suit combo will certainly look a lot cooler and smarter if you choose a dark color. Also, add Chino which is one of the best men’s khakis in the mix and you will look super stylish.



Considering all the trends mentioned above, you can surely say that 2021 will be an exciting year for men’s fashion. There are even more trends to look forward to that will elevate your style game and it includes neo-neon, Bermuda shorts, bomber jackets, and long trench coats. So, consider these options next time you go shopping if you want to stand out from the rest.

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