Raidha’s Maldives is a tale of modest clothing meeting high fashion

Modest Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion platform for modest fashion. It showcased 35 different designers from more than 20 countries and the global show takes place in Istanbul, London and Dubai. Modest Fashion Week is truly an international platform bringing together top brands, modest influencers and buyers from all over the world.

Raidha Maldives in Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2019

Raidha’s Maldives label is founded by Raidha Shafeeq one of the budding designers and fashion enthusiast of Maldives. The brand reflects a unique quality of artsmenship and all her designs are distinctive. The first time a Maldivian designer has presented her collection on the runway of modest fashion week. Her brand reflects a strong viewpoint of women empowerment along with wearable fashionable clothing.

Raidha’s Maldives had its own retail store initially in the Maldives then expanded it into Sri Lanka and also has an online store which was launched in 2015. This fashion label has also showcased its exquisite collection in Dubai Modest Fashion Week. Her designs were inspired by the ancient carpet weaves in Turkey. The collection was called Tale Of Weavers SS19.

 Raidha’s USP is her choice of fabrics and  bold prints. Her designs are quite graphic. The use of embroidery with applique work on silk georgette and crepe is quite prominent.  She beautifully merges solid colours with digital prints. Using beautiful motifs inspired by  Tabriz Persian carpets she showcased symbols dedicated to Arab state. Her aim was to represent and empower the craftsmen who weave for their living. Raidha Shafeeq is truly earning her name in the world of modest fashion .

The brand is wearable yet fashionable and is full of colors, different tones, prints and embroideries which gives Raidha’s collection a very youthful and elegant look. Also the brand strongly promotes equality, feminism, modesty and diversity.

Recently her collection was inspired by honeybees and water waves. Her earlier collection were also inspired by natural elements such as water waves, flowers etc. She also uses her monogram  “R” on her designs quite often. She uses luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk which gives her collection an exotic feel.

Raidha Maldives in Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2019

Raidha’s Maldives latest full collection would be launched by the end of Ramadan 2019 in Maldives and Sri Lanka and we are super excited to see what she brings to the table with her new launch.

Raidha’s Maldives official fb page is

Raidha Maldives in Dubai Modest Fashion Week

Runway Shows are a great way to promote new labels and brands to the masses. 

Fashion shows like Modest Fashion Weeks are incredible platforms for fashion brands like Raidha’s Maldives as they provide new fashion labels an opportunity to exhibit their talents at an international level. Runway shows also give a sense of credibility to new brands especially if popular runway models showcase their designs.

Raidha Maldives in DMFW 2019

Fashion influencers, big models and fashion critics have their eyes glued on Fashion weeks and fashion shows and they analyse and judge all the collections and designers on the show creating a lucrative platform for new labels to get noticed in the fashion world.

Runway shows help in building a recognizable presence and also set a tone for the brand which is extremely important to give an initial boost in terms of audience engagement and popularity. In the long run, runway shows will help to build the loyal cult following every fashion brand dreams of boasting.

Fashion Brand Raidha’s Maldives in DMFW 2019

Influencers and Fashion Followers follow these fashion shows to the T and help in growing their audience making these brands go global.

Fashion Brand Raidha’s Maldives in DMFW 2019

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