Pre launch of Larimelle’s travel collection by Sara Rewienska

The Larimelle has recently flooded Instagram with beautiful photos of it’s luxury swimsuit range and dresses. Sara Rewienska, the founder of Larimelle is an international luxury marketing & image specialist known as @saramonikatravels on IG, recently moved to Dubai in order to pursue her fashion dreams. She made her first public appearance in Dubai, during International Fashion Week in a stunning Florence dress. If you’re a fashion enthusiast,  go follow Sara’s Instagram. Googling her would lead you to exotic photos from all over the world with her videos reaching up to half a million views!(on her Tik Tok).We’ve decided to ask her more about Larimelle and her plans for the future.

What is Larimelle about ??

The Larimelle brand was born out of my passion for traveling. For my trips I wanted to have new, beautiful, classy comfortable outfits. It’s one of my dreams to create a platform which would help people shop for accessories and beautiful outfits , before travelling ,based on their place of travel. I want my customers to take the product out in the world , wherever they travel and hopefully the products will encapsulate the beautiful places they visit, too. My brand was cultivated for those who value femininity, class and elegance. Our plan is to specialize in resort wear, athleisure, luxury evening wear and travel accessories that will help you make a lasting impression wherever you go.

This year, I’ve decided to do a soft pre-launch of my fashion brand. Currently, I’m promoting beautiful and classy swimsuits, but let me tell you, it’s just the beginning, I can’t wait to share my plans for the next year and the kind of amazing accessories I’m working on. Our customers are gonna love it.

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