Meet International Model & Fashion Designer

Popular on social media and featured in international press multiple times, Joanna started modeling in London and her popularity increased after she won a few international beauty pageants. Her photos were published in British Vogue, Style Cruze, Marie Claire, and FHM among others. Joanna also appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine. Now she lives in California with her beloved dog Chi Chi Boo and continues modeling for various brands. Besides modeling, she designed her first clothing line Jo Borov that will be launching very soon.

I’ve always loved fashion and design. I also value quality over quantity and I appreciate good materials. I wanted to create sophisticated, sexy but very classy garments that would be appropriate for different occasions and make women feel beautiful and confident. I really like open back and high slits as you can see in my first collection. I searched for the best materials and in some of my designs matched them with real crystals. My first photo session with my designs was actually in Dubai! I organized it on the desert with photographer Satish earlier this year and I think that was an amazing place for showing some of my designs. I’m currently working on adding new creations to my collection I also want to make a lingerie line.

Photo credits @satishvclicks 

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