Lin: A trendy Partywear Fashion Brand for Women

women partywear fashion

“Lin” is a futuristic and ultra-trendy fashion brand

The women fashion brand includes eveningwear, party, and casual all designed and made here in Dubai. “Lin” was inspired from the modern infrastructure of Dubai city. The brand presents latest trends and fashionable designs, with open cuts and unusual lines. Lin use high quality fabric that is imported from the top leading fabric manufacturers around the globe, Italy, Japan, India, Iran and Turkey.

The collection is mostly made from jersey and silk. The main intention is to amaze the brand customer with the touch of Japanese pleather, and to strike high attention with the marvellous and unique touch.

Lin is known for its trendy & unique fashion collection

dubai fashion brand women
Women partywear collection by Lin

“Lin” leads the world’s trend of new fashion concepts attracting fashion seeking lovers who are courageous enough to try unique, trendy, and unusual clothes. Customers can choose their garments via online selection on Instagram “@_lin.official”. The purpose of which is to ease selecting their favourite stylish outfits, which will suit their expectation and will amaze them with the choice of unique fashion visualizations.

“Lin” a new ultra-trendy fashion brand started by Alina Danilenko.

She started her career as a model at the age of 14-years. As she built up her knowledge and experience in the world of Fashion from the top well known worldwide fashion designers, Alina took her next step and became a TV presented for the Ukrainian fashion channels. She gradually built her skills until arriving to the world’s fashion city, Dubai and started her own fashion brand.

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