Get acquainted with the Modest Fashion Brands/ Designers participating in DMFW 2019

This week will mark the end of one of the most awaited events in Fashion Industry “Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2019”

Your curiosities and inquisitiveness are answered as you will get to know some of the participating brands/designers in DMFW 2019 here:

Markamarie, a multi-brand platform from Indonesia

Markamarie carries local and international designers in their online/offline store. In Dubai Modest Fashion Week, #Markamarie will collaborate with Lebanese/UAE brand; Naj Tags by Nerveen Al Jabban showcasing urban designs of modest fashion.   @markamarieofficial

Emma Melissa Apparel is a clothing brand that endeavors to fuse style with action.

Founded by Emma Melissa and her love for linen, gave birth to the primary style for this apparel. Made for the career oriented woman or the classy ladies with sheer confidence and elegance. With hand sourced quality linen, they style breathable modest wear. @emmamelissaapparel

Hama is a fashion designer on a mission to empower modern woman

To give each & every lady comfort, elegance and happiness she aims at helping other designers grow their brand on her dynamic marketplace . Hama focuses on fashion for today’s active women to outshine at: home, work and social gatherings!

Imen Bousnina is one of Austria’s most promising modest fashion up comers.

One of Imen’s strongest believes is that modesty stands in no contradiction to modern and western fashion. Her brand is defined by modesty and modernity, combining the finest parts of the seemingly all together to different fashion traditions of east and west.

Jawhara Syari is one of the leading pioneer of syar’i brand in Indonesia

With hundreds of resellers spread throughout Indonesia and even abroad, Jawhara Syari has also successfully held various fashion shows both domestically and abroad including Indonesia fashion week, Jakarta fashion week, Tokyo modest fashion week, Kuala lumpur modest fashion week, Indonesia experience Istanbul, and several other fashion shows

Kazeca Studio is a multi-brand retailer based in Perth, Western Australia

They cater to the modest and modern millennial women. The aesthetic of their style is feminine with an edge. The products at Kazeca are all very carefully curated ; the designs are contemporary, ethically made, great in quality, and reasonably priced. Every single product at Kazeca serves a deeper purpose, which is to fit the belief and lifestyle of women.

Lebasi is a couture modest clothing line founded by sisters from Chicago

Founders of Lebasi were fueled by adding unique touches to their wardrobe. Lebasi isn’t just your average modest clothing company. It is a family company that ever so carefully and meticulously creates work of art to add to the modest fashion world. Lebasi works in hope that every single detail in a piece satisfies their clients. Beginning from sketching the piece on paper, to sourcing the right fabric for it, to the hems and stitch, every step is perfected to guarantee satisfaction. At Lebasi each piece is created exclusively for you. Keep a lookout, ladies. New trends are coming at you soon!

Mariyan Suleimanova, Inspired by mother’s sewing machine

The history of this brand began in her childhood, when founder got great pleasure from drawing sketches of fictional outfits. Facing the problem of not finding the clothes in the shops that she wanted, the familiar feeling of many women, decided to bring the idea of creating her own clothing brand to life. In 2016, Mariyan Suleimanova opened her first store with inspiration for clients. Her clothes have found their place in the hearts of her clients

Mayada, a women’s modest apparel brand, from Canada.

They empower the modest woman. Much more than a retail and lifestyle brand, Mayada wants all girls to embrace their modesty with pride while they take on the world! Mayada is here to make a difference and shake up the fashion and retail industry, join the movement!

MyKaftan is an interpretation of traditional Arabic style into our modern life.

It’s the way we see modest fashion in the modern world: full of changes, diversities and mix of cultures. Each piece represents the unity between East and West for the new generation of cosmopolites – modern women who like to travel and experience new things, at the same time staying true to themselves, without compromising values and traditions. MYKAFTAN is about uniting cultures, acceptance, tolerance and respect to diversity.

Niswa Fashion – Modern & Modest Fashion exclusively for women.

Originating from the Arabic word “Niswa, ” meaning “woman,” the brand which  is headquartered in Chicago, USA focuses on trendy fabrics, modest silhouettes, and careful design. The brand emphasizes inclusion of necessary styles missing in today’s modest marketplace. They have been gaining success in North America and are excited to present on the runway in Dubai for the first time.

Raidhas Maldives is a Maldivian based fashion label founded in 2015 by Raidha Shafeeq

Making it the trendiest and rising fashion brands in operation today. Like vast historic fashion houses, the brand started out as an atelier, producing custom bespoke order pieces for local clients. Along with a retail store selling ready to wear garments along with exclusive runway pieces. The Brand has presented their collections yearly at the International runway, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Sri Lanka (MBFWSL). And her latest Saarc Awards, with their “Hidden Treasure Souvenirs” collection in 2019.

SEMPRE is vintage soul label that takes you to a timeless fashion journey.

A unique harmony of different fashion era’s hit trends, a very new remark for oldies and the newest. With the strong modest style code, it is welcoming each woman who will proudly wear their unique explanation of life and passion. Each SEMPRE pieces made with love in Turkey and got a piece of taste from an island from Italy!

The Hijab Lee is an Indian International modest fashion brand

The brand creates globally applaudable modest attires in trendy colors & contemporary silhouettes for today’s progressive female youth. The magnificent Indian hand-embroideries are turned into modern pieces of art by creative manipulations. The Hijab Lee celebrates the Female-Power and aims to empower, uplift and encourage women to believe in their beauty beyond skin and body.  With its exuberant, trend-driven designs, THL beckons our young women to be covered & confident, to chase their dreams and not let their modesty come in the way.

Victoria Design is a young Estonian start-up

Offering modern northern European women’s fashion using only skin-friendly fabrics (like natural silk, wool-silk mix, wool, etc.). Victoria Design creates a symbiosis of classic northern style and Scandinavian chic. All items are designed personally and handcrafted from eudermic materials.

Johar, Fashion alternative offering quality and fabulous styles

Jordanian brand founded in 2008, by Dalia Al Jamal. Johar has been addressing a glamorous fashionable look for ladies who are modest/hijabi yet want to hit trend lines. Johar brand built a loyal customer base, over the past 11 years. Designs are created to fill the gap of finding the stylish comfort twist for those who wants to dress modestly . Steady growth over the years has turned Johar into a trusted brand.

CR by Tika Ramlan- The brand put emphasis on comfort & feminine designs

The brands journey started from her desire to make a scarf that is modern and comfortable to wear. Along with the time, she finally decided to make syari clothes for women and widely accepted by syari clothing lovers in Indonesia.

Lina Sukijo will be Launching its new collection “Tone It Down”

Lina Sukijo is a Modest Wear Designer from Indonesia. The looks are inspired by a moment where they realized the need to take a step back to find self-introspection and the beauty inside of darkness and silence in order to find a peace inside themselves. For this collection, there is a mix and match with the crepe chiffon pleats, corduroy and scuba. There is a touch of Lina’s signature which is swarovski, panels and addition of gold metallic beads ribbon. In addition, this collection used a flare silhouette and used several colours such as black, navy, army green, maroon and mocha. She is also collaborating with other brand and local designer. Her market is all around Indonesia and her collection can be purchased by the customer service of Lina Sukijo and the reseller.

S by Samar offers dazzling collection from kaftan, dress, and beautiful outer.

S by Samar, a brand from Dubai, brings out the glamour by its signature design and bright color. Aiming for bringing out the star in those who wear them with their classic yet unique collections.

Girl from mountain, Asiya Rafiq

Working with people with physical and cognitive disabilities she says people of determination are neglected when it comes to fashion or presentable dressing because of many issues and difficulties and putting on the clothes is one of them.. Asiya Rafiq modest fashion wear designer from Abu Dhabi UAE has a vision to help them look presentable/fashionable by designing modest clothes for them, which are easy to put with little modification of easy zippers, magnetic buttons, velcro etc and it needs very little help from the caretaker to put on.. Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2019 is an excellent platform for Asiya to launch her functional, modest clothing line not only for the disable but also for the able as she possesses a great aesthetic sense for designing & making others happy, confident & comfortable by wearing good clothes.

Jaida Derguti is a name of inspiration, based in Turkey

JD shawls are created carefully to make each woman feel unique and to highlight their natural beauty. The shawls are handcrafted, not only to create a distinct feel among others, but also to make every individual special. JD shawls symbolise unique journeys for each women. Therefore, each motif or pattern embroidered on them is an outcome of pure creativity.

Adrianna Yariqa, an advocate for Modern Modest Fashion

They aim to make the designs as trendy and practical which exudes class and confident.

Just Ghoodsi – Couture : A State-to-the-art collection that highlight femininity

A cover that is inspired by nature’s harmony reflects beauty and elegance. Just Ghoodsi complements beauty with a modern fashion influenced by a truly rich oriental culture. Just Ghoodsi offers a bespoke modest range of abayas that not only conceals, but ties pride with elegance liberating today’s ambitious chic women.

Ouafae Taame is an emergent brand inspired by the Moroccan and Andalusian heritage

Ouafae Taame accentuates in its designs the flow and the lightness created with the movement while using the delicate Moroccan artistry in embroidery and beading executed by a talented small team of experienced craftswomen. The designs use a combination of fabrics to create layers and composition whereas the embroidery and the beading ornamentation add dimension and texture.

Devi Janeeta is becoming a modest lifestyle designer brand that reflects modern inspiration

The signature of Devi Janeeta style lies in her keen ability to find inspiration in a great variety of artistic disciplines and to creatively translate them into modern, dynamic, and in-trend modest styles that appeal to a global fashion market

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