Dnjstyle: Celebrating The Modern Women With Luxe Style

 A Visual Experimentation Of West Meeting The East Comes Alive With Dnjstyle

Dnjstyle is a 6-year-old American Instagram fashion label born out of a fresh perspective of fashion for modern women. A seamless blend of Turkish Egyptian and American culture makes this label unique and it marries western designs with middle eastern touch. Dnjstyle has an instagram store with the handle name Dnj_style and has a massive Instagram following of 84,700 followers.

Dnjstyle is all about modern women owning their femininity and it embraces the female form in its full glory. It encourages women to love their curves and make classy clothing catering to all shapes and sizes. This handmade Instagram brand’s designs are feminine and sexy with a luxe feel to it. 

The collection reflects the love of mixed heritage and the great American dream showcasing western designs with flare of middle eastern touch. Dnjstyle’s dresses oomphs class with a bit of punk which sets it apart and represents modern women fashion. 

Their Instagram store Dnj_style posts bold and statement making pieces incorporating animal prints, bold colours and distinct silhouettes. It truly represents the modern women from all walks of life being proud of their femininity.

Why your fashion brand should be on Instagram?

Instagram is an extremely popular social media giant with generation X, generation Y and millennials hovering on it all the time. Which makes it a perfect platform to launch and grow fashion businesses.

Today many clothing brands, jewellery brands, handbag labels, shoe brands etc. are launching and scaling their business on instagram.  According to a study, 1 billion active users use instagram, 60% of instagram users discover new products on it. User engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.

Traditional marketing is dying and digital marketing is taking its place at exponential speed, and Instagram leads the social media marketing wagon. Thus if your brand wants to reach every nook and corner of the world join the Instagram bandwagon and latch your way to success.

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