Catch up on Fashion Designers & Brands walking The Runway Of LAFW 2019

Fashion Brands & Designers in Los Angeles Fashion Week 2019

NANCY VUU: “Heavens Collection” showcased the ethereal garments that are signature of Nancy Vuu brand.

Through a vision of billowy clouds, starry nights, and mountain sunsets, this beautiful arrangement of soft pastels, muted earth tones and luminous gold accents painted a scenic and lavish portrait of Heaven on earth.  

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Grayling Purnell is a part of a new wave of American designers

Grayling Purnell proved that America’s country fashion isn’t limited to floaty dresses and swimwear. He is professionally trained in both Menswear and Womenswear and is based out of New York City and Los Angeles

Image Credit: Bridgett Ezzard

Nathalia Gaviria, presented her fall collection “Revelations”

Revelations is a minimalist collection for her dual gender NG: BLACK label. Inspired by the song “Lucretia My Reflection” by Sisters of Mercy, there is a dark edge that NG: BLACK is known for, which was presented in the Fall ‘19 collection as well. Her collection showcased designs enriched in Chic, strong silhouettes, lux textiles, leather, sport references. Wearable art and fashion for the times.

Image Credit: Bridgett Ezzard

Charles & Ron Fall/Winter 2019/2020

In the words of C&R: “ unconsciously while designing and working on this collection we included many elements of what Katya loved so much, jewellery, Catholicism, Tulle and Silks…”

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Christy + You Papillon Fall / Winter Collection is a continuous story of Spring / Summer Collection.

“Papillon” is the French term for butterfly, a triumph, a celebration after breaking free of the cocoon. Papillon also can be seen as a symbol of a new beginning. It represents the transformation from conceptual fashion to commercial fashion while keeping the conceptual design philosophy. It also conveys that the collection has been developed to a mix of “reversible” and “layering” butterflies’ details.

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House of Byfield is the Dream: An unmistakable brand that expresses the unconventional luxury which season after season innovates the fashion fraternity globally.

The House of Byfield brand has become synonymous with luxury, allure and unparalleled glamour. Byfield’s signature design sensibility has also led to the launch of other House of Byfield product categories, transforming the design house into a luxury lifestyle brand.

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GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez: Infused with sophistication and sexiness, GLAUDI speaks to the heart of the modern woman.  

Made in the cosmopolitan city of angels, Los Angeles, GLAUDI specializes in haute couture dresses and bridal dresses. GLAUDI couture house provides a luxury experience for your special day that is engraved with elegance and everlasting love. GLAUDI designer Johana Hernandez, reflects her passion in each custom-made gown making you fashionably unforgettable.

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D.A. by DANIEL : Daniel Alexander is inspired by women who, not only want to look fabulous, but feel majestic when sliding into a “DA” creation.

Daniel’s collections are created for women who have a flair for the dramatic approach and theatrics – women who want to make an elegant yet head turning statement. There is a lot more than “WOMAN ONLY” and more than “COUTURE coming your way!!!

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The inspiration of Willfredo Gerardo’s Fall-Winter 2019/2020 collection was the 80s Era.

He wishes to bring the 80s back to the runway of 2019 with an ensemble of hair, makeup and music. Willfredo Gerardo was inspired by singers of the 80s:  Madonna, Whitney Houston, Thalía, Gloria Trevi, Alejandra Guzmán, and he made sure to bring a modern twist to each look 

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2001: Collection combined three perspectives, which all are integrated into this one clothing line

 It is a unique blend of vintage from the 80s and 90s to more fashion forward, futuristic looks which blend perfectly together and show that fashion is more than what meets the eye.

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CONSORT 62 looks inward for the FW19 season with a defining traditional Asian-feel, re-interpreted in a modern way

A mix of up styled vintage and casual sportswear.  It’s not about a particular market segment, but how a line of casual wear can be right for all people. The line is mostly sportswear intermixed with some lovely after-five pieces.  Some of the pieces are made out of actual Asian textiles. Vintage kimonos are mixed and pieced with modern fabrication giving a new cross cultural up cycled look.

Image Credits: Getty Images

Anthony Rubio was inspired by a study into cultural fusion for this designer collection

Cultural fusion is the process through which newcomers to a culture adopt behaviors/traits of the dominant culture and maintain elements of their minority identity to function in the dominant culture.

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Sarmy: Fall-Winter 2019/ 2020 Collection Presentation.

This Collection is named “All Sparkling”. It was inspired from all the Shiny things that exist in nature like the sun, the moon, the stars and all that glitters in nature!

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Burning Guitars is a European Couture Clothing Line that blends European couture styles and American urban street styles together.

Burning Guitars is inspired by the late great Super Star Jimmy Hendrix for the bizarre clothes he wore and he was historically known for burning a guitar on stage during his performance.

Image Credit: Bridgett Ezzard

Burning Guitars is actually a fashion house that makes everything from European couture clothing, jeans, hats, bookbags, sneakers, ladies underwear and high fashion socks just to name a few. Most clothing is one of a kind but anything can be manufactured if a customer wants to place a minimum order of 100.

Mister Triple X

Celebrating designer Erik Rosete’s Mexican American heritage, the Mister Triple X FW/19 show was titled “Me X i Can”. The collection is inspired by the designer’s hispanic roots and featured a modern take on traditional Mexican attire with the brands futuristic twist.

Image Credit: Bridgett Ezzard

Lulu et Gigi: Fall-Winter 2019/ 2020 Collection Presentation

The “Everafter” Collection is a romantic and ethereal collection that is inspired from fairytales and classic legends. The looks are all very airy and feminine, with whimsical details, while still showing strength and versatility, to capture the essence of the child within all of us.

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Elena Pulido is an established high fashion designer, known nationally and internationally.

In her own words she states. “I am a seamstress and designer, who has always been fascinated by the abilities of certain colors and garments to change the mood or expression of emotions. Growing up, i liked experimenting with different styles to create my own look. This helped make me a 100% self taught professional and inspired me to establish Elena Collection in 1990. Surprisingly, I have never attended any fashion school, yet stills was able to climb the ladder of success in the fashion world…..”

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Wanda Beauchamp is recognized in the industry for her impeccable stitching

The perfect adjustment of her clothing to the body of girls and her creativity by combining colors and textures for her exciting designs is what sets her apart. As a designer she strives for perfection in every aspect of the garment with attention to detail and finishing. The style, the cut, must always define her superb taste.

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Her most recent international events as a designer are:
  • Art Hearts International Fashion (New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week)
  • Fashion Gallery of the New York Fashion Week
  • Gran Finale designer of the Fashion Parade event of the Child Model Magazine of the United States
  • International Designer for the Republica Dominicana Kids Fashion Week
  • San Juan Moda Fashion Week
  • Puerto Rico Fashion

Fernando Alberto is considered one of the most imminent Honduran designers, representing the third generation of designers

Fernando Alberto has an incredible knowledge and appreciation for the high fashion, and infuses in his garments a great elegance, creativity and quality. The beauty of his embroidery and clothing crafts is that he transforms their luxurious fabrics into unique and exceptional designs, always capturing the essence of modern women in its prêt-à-porter and girlfriend collections. Among the celebrities who love him are, Joy, Belinda, Paulina Rubio, Ana Claudia Talancón, Fernanda Castillo, Aislinn Derbez, Paty Cantu, Carmen Villalobos, María Josee, and Marisol Gonzaalez. His fashion career is inspired by honesty, family and philanthropic search.

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Rene Tyler: Fall-Winter 2019/ 2020 Collection Presentation

Their F/W 2019/2020 collection is a representation of what their brand has grown to become since their last show at Art Heart. They are inspired by shapes and specific silhouettes that can best accentuate a curvy woman’s body.

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Dexter + K Swiss: Dextrose is an innovative brand for the millennial, inclusive and gender fluid shopper.

Until now, Dextrose has been an exclusive, limited-edition, avant-garde collection available to the rare fans who can afford it. For the first time ever, Dextrose will be available as a fully-accessible street wear collection featuring over fifty styles for men, woman and non-binary followers. Fans will have the opportunity to shop never-before-seen clothing, +leather bags, accessories and much more from the 2019 collection entitled “Wavy”.

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Kentaro Kameyama clinched the coveted prize with his jaw-dropping runway show at New York’s Fashion Week

Kentaro featured models wearing expertly-tailored clothes inspired by classical music, walking to an original score composed by Kameyama

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Ricardo Seco: The Resist/Resiste collection features urban silhouettes with sportswear elements

The strength of women, the commercial stands, graffiti, and the gardenias were the main visual references. The palette of the collection mixes the colors found in Tepito’s commercial stands combined with black, the latter a nod to New York City.

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