An Easy Fizzy Handbags Guide To Make Your Shopping Process Easier:

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Are you looking for a perfect handbag for yourself? While it’s easy to buy lots of handbags, it’s not simple to choose the best from it. And when to buy only one piece, the whole process becomes even difficult. So here is a guide for you that will help you out!

Every bag has a different shape and size. Each of them are used for a different purpose. So whenever you want to choose the right handbag for yourself, it’s very important to focus on its type. Here are some famous types of handbags that you should know about:

Tote Bags:

Whenever you want to go shopping, you usually look for a big bag that can handle your stuff. In that case, the Tote bag can help you out. These are called as shopping bags and comes with a heavy-duty design. You can find a huge variety in it based on material, shape and size. And the handle that they usually have makes it easy to carry in hand or on the shoulder.

Shoulder Bags:

Shoulder bags are known the everyday bags can come with a long strap to hang them on your shoulder. You can keep your hands free with it and adjust its strap according to your height. These come with pockets, which makes it functional and designer. Depending on your choice, you can choose its shape, colour, closure and design. The right choice will make your days convenient.


Clutches are the evening bags that works like the accessory and make your attire shine. It usually comes with embellishment, embroidery or print work, which helps you to shine in the evening or night party. They have no strap and are held in hand. In some cases, you will find it will a chain. So according to your attire or style, you can choose this wallet type and flaunt it at any event.

Bucket Bags:

As the name suggests, bucket bags have the shape of a bucket and holds a lot of stuff. This is casual and perfect for weekends and summer vacations. This shape grabs a lot of attention and never look very bulky. Also, you get a lot of size and strap options in it, so get what you like. Choose its fabric and enjoy its comfy look. This is very common as a bucket bag and gives you a lot of space.

Hobo Bags:

Hobo bags are known as weekend bags. These have the bohemian vibes and helps you feel youthful. As they come with a long strap, you can carry them over your shoulder. The loose shape will give the body-hugging and flattering illusion. These are large enough to carry day-to-day stuff and comes in high-quality material. These are less casual and more formal.

Crossbody Bags:

Crossbody bags are different from other bags and come with a long strap that let you wear across your body. Also, it is found in different style and designs. From petite to elegant, oversized to functional, you can find whatever you like. Also, if you want this bag for a classy touch, choose with a chain strap.


Another famous type of handbag is a satchel. It comes with a wide, flat interior and double handle look. These are classic and help you to carry in your hand. With a longer strap, you can also make it look longer. These have a structure that you can carry day-to-day. It has a believable shape and style and makes your life easier.

Handbags are the bags that we can carry in hand. These are easy to carry and looks perfect with any attire. But whenever you want to pick the right handbag for yourself, it’s very important to know the details of each type. It helps you to know what exactly you need. Also, while making a choice, always remember the stuff that you want to carry in it. As each handbag has a different shape and size, you should decide it as per your stuff. At last, don’t forget to choose its material and colour as it will decide the way your handbag is going to look.

Handbag is an important accessory, so you should choose it wisely!

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