12 Superb Bikini Alternatives for the Women to Try in 2020

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Beaches might be the most important destinations in summer months. Wearing a special sexy swimwear is the ultimate goal of most girls. Among these outfits, the bikinis are more popular. Girls like attractive and colorful bikinis to enjoy the cool splashes and shining sunlight. Coupon.ae delivers ultimate support to girls looking for the bikini alternatives. Shop these alternatives at 6th Street store in UAE. This is an affordable place to shop the best outfits and apparels for a fashion week. Here are impressive choices girls can pick if they don’t want to wear a bikini this time.

One Piece:

Perhaps the most famous substitute of bikini is this swimsuit. The One Piece suits are classic and versatile. These are colorful and energetic. Wearing it makes your body flutter in daylight.


These are simple shorts favorable for the teen girls. These are famous among the surfers. Boardshorts are equally favorable for the men and women. However, you can choose gender specific shorts if you like.

Swim Pants:

Don’t want to show off the legs? Girls who are shy usually try to cover the thighs and legs while at beach. We recommend wearing affordable swim pants. There is a classic variety of swim pants available at 6th Street store with significant discounts.

Skin Suits:

Have you seen Olympic or other sports events? What do the swimmers and other athletes wear? They love skin suits. These are ideal for girls and boys looking to show off body appropriately.


Girls usually adore tank tops. What about wearing something modified? The Tankini is a new type of bikini with a panty and a modified tank top. Wearing this offers a huge entertainment moment with real comfort.


Originally started in France, these Burqini suits are getting attention in the Europe. These are ideal for the religious groups looking to feel safe even when swimming in ocean. Several celebrities such as Nigella Lawson have worn the burqini in order to protect the skin.

Long Swim Skirts:

Are you a fan of long skirts? Girls who don’t want to give up wearing a skirt even at beach should focus on the long swim skirts. These are ideal for town life as well as pool jumps.


Well, there are several types of leggings in current fashion scene. The swim leggings are ideal for girls who love showing off body curves without showing skin.

Swim Dress:

Are you interested to discover the stylish swimwear? Try search latest swim dresses at 6th Street store online. You will look adorable and feel comfortable in this dress.


Most Instagram celebrities are wearing swim rompers nowadays. These are stylish and sexy. Thanks to the wide range of colors, designs and styles available for trendy girls.


Wearing a rashguard is good for women having skin allergies. A rashguard helps protecting the skin from the dangers such as harshness of ocean.

Korean Swimwear:

Become an adorable Korean teen by wearing this beautiful swimwear. This is a best alternative to bikini for shy girls.

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