Why Electrolysis Hair Treatment is Best for Permanent Hair Removal

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Are you embarrassed about the excessive body hair on your back? Are you tired of the exhaustion and monotony of always needing to shave your legs? Are you getting teased for having a unibrow or a mustache?

You can get out of these situations as soon as you can when you finally opt for electrolysis — a permanent hair removal solution to get rid of unwanted hair forever.

Tame that (unwanted) hair 

Just like how some people go to salons for hair extensions, the other side of the spectrum sees people wanting to remove unwanted hair from their bodies. This is understandable since there are those who suffer from hirsutism or excessive hair growth. When you have hair growing in parts that you would rather be hair-free, it can be quite inconvenient, and to some, even embarrassing.

There are different reasons why people resort to hair removal techniques. One could be because of health reasons – people with hirsutism or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may want to remove excess facial or body hair. It could also be for self-esteem since excess body hair can make people feel insecure or self-conscious.

Others remove body hair for strategic reasons, such as in the case of cyclists, runners, or swimmers, as a streamlined form free from body hair can impact performance. It can also be because it is easier to treat injuries if they happen. Removing hair can also be done because of practical reasons such as to reduce grooming time – no need to rush shaving and risking nicks and cuts – or to reduce costs on personal care.

Here are other important reasons why a lot of people are resorting to electrolysis to remove unwanted hair permanently:

1. It is permanent 

Electrolysis is the only hair removal method recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) that safely and permanently removes unwanted hair.

By inserting a very fine, sterile needle that is usually thinner than the hair to be removed, tiny pulses of electric current are shot into the hair follicle’s natural opening. This destroys parts of the hair such as the area called the “bulge”, the dermal papilla, and the matrix, thus preventing hair from ever growing there again.

2. It is not selective

Electrolysis does not discriminate. Any person with unwanted hair can undergo electrolysis hair removal regardless of hair type or skin color. It’s effective even if you have coarse, dry, or curly hair. It works on any skin type, too.

It works on hair in most facial and body parts including undesired hair on the chin, upper and lower lip, eyebrows, chest, back, underarms, arms, abdomen, legs, fingers, and toes, and even on sensitive spots like the bikini area and pubic region.

3. It saves you time 

In this day and age where almost everyone is in a hurry, electrolysis is a huge time saver. You no longer need to spend hours in the bathroom shaving unwanted hair off of your body. You don’t need extra hours just to peel or wax it off or apply messy creams and gels.

Electrolysis hair removal may take multiple sessions. Factors such as a person’s unique hair growth cycle, heredity, health status, current medications taken, amount of hair in the target areas, or stress determine how long the treatment program may take. However, after the sessions are completed, you no longer have to worry about hair growing back in the treated area. This means you have more free time to enjoy a hair-free life.

4. It saves you money 

Since electrolysis hair removal is a permanent solution, you ultimately save money. There might be a bigger upfront investment, but after your unwanted hair is eliminated for the rest of your life, you don’t need to shell out any more cash for maintenance expenses.

Compared to other temporary hair removal techniques, you only pay for the bespoke treatment program, and then you’re free to live life without unwanted hair anymore.

5. It is safe 

Since it’s the only permanent hair removal method recognized by the FDA and AMA, electrolysis is relatively safe for all. Of course, you will still have an in-depth consultation with your electrologist just to make sure that you are physically fit for the procedure.

The same cannot be said for other temporary hair removal methods. For example, depilatories are not suitable for use around the eye area and other sensitive parts of the body. It also requires lifetime maintenance and must not be used for chemically-sensitive skin. There had also been reports of blisters, burns, itchy rashes, stinging, and skin peeling to the FDA as side effects of using depilatories and other cosmetic hair removal substances.

Laser treatments may reduce hair, but it does not permanently eliminate growth. It is not recommended for the eyebrow area. It is less effective for people who have dark hair or dark skin. There were also reports made to the FDA regarding blistering, discoloration after the treatment, redness, scarring, and swelling.

Forever Furless 

When you want to be free of unwanted hair, electrolysis is your perfect go-to solution. Aside from saving time, money, and gaining peace of mind, knowing that it’s the preferred hair removal treatment of experts will also help you gain the confidence of strutting through life without the extra baggage of excess hair.


Mariela Marcantetti is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Furless with centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The company offers the latest and only FDA-confirmed treatment to provide permanent removal results to unwanted hair. Mariela is deeply committed to responsible corporate practices and has an active role in her staff’s professional and personal advancement within the electrolysis field and beyond.

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