What is the Difference between Fashion and Fast Fashion?

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Fast Fashion and Slow Fashion are completely different concepts that are opposite to each other on multiple levels. Both the concepts have different goals and objectives for instance the goals of fast fashion include manufacturing, producing and selling as much inventory as possible in the least amount of time and with the most less consumed resources.

Furthermore, to attain more profits and sales in less time. However, in achieving these milestones firms usually neglect environmental concerns, human rights and other crucial factors because the designer shirt making process gets more difficult and expensive when catering all these factors.

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On the other hand, Slow Fashion is comparatively more focused towards the environment and conservation of natural resources. Firms associated with slow fashion usually strive to implement solutions that are beneficial or at least less harmful for the environment. In the process of creating fashion these firms pay serious attention to the quality of the fabric used, worker rights and prevent any violations to human rights.  

Although, there is another school of thought which says that items made following slow fashion can be worn for longer periods of time and give more wear to the wearer so technically slow fashion products are more lasting than fast fashion products which makes it less expensive. Now it is the choice of customers to choose which fashion they are going to opt in future and to ease this decision we have mentioned below the pros and cons of both slow and fast fashion.

It is entirely the choice of the customer whether they prefer slow fashion or fast fashion and the decision is difficult because both are equally appealing and equally undesirable.

Pros and cons of Slow Fashion


  • If we look at the slow fashion and the pros and cons of slow fashion the first thing that comes to mind is that in the place of five fast fashion items you can only buy two items of slow fashion but those slow fashion items are more lasting and durable.
  • The process of going out and shopping and spending money on clothes is a task which is disliked by the majority of people because of lack of time and lack of money. However, Buying slow fashion products will make you tension free because you don’t have to go shopping for a considerate time and you can forget about buying new clothes for some time. You can save that money and time and utilise it in more productive ways.
  • When you buy clothes or anything that is produced using methods that are ethically sound, considerate towards the environment and the brands you are wearing are known for their good behaviour with workers and environment on the long run. In addition to that there is a mental satisfaction when you know that no human rights have been violated while making the shirt you are wearing.


The firms that produce slow fashion products charge heavily for the ethics and environmental concerns they have put in the product which makes the product heavily costly. The products produced in slow fashion are so expensive that they are almost out of the reach of the majority of people. Middle class and lower class which comprises most of the population have no option but to buy fast fashion products because they don’t have the long term mindset and prefer cheap clothes over ethics and environment.

Fashion changes and trends do not stay for more than a few months and clothes which are out of fashion are considered useless because the person wearing old-fashioned clothes is usually mocked by the peers and the society. These people are called up names like homeless, old-school or miser. Therefore, people who bought slow fashion clothes usually face this kind of difficulties of staying up to date with fashion are often can’t keep up with the fast pace of fashion.

fast fashion vs slow fashion

  Pros and cons of fast fashion.

Fast fashion is assumed to be a contagious disease that it infects everything it touches that is not entirely true. Because for some people fast fashion is like a lifesaver and a hero.


  • Fast fashion is cheap and it has made latest fashion affordable and in reach of those people who have less budget for clothes and who can’t afford these expensive brands with difficult names. Fashion and clothing are basic needs and wants and everyone should be able to afford them and it should be in reach of everyone. Fast fashion does that for the middle and lower class of many nations.
  • Fast fashion products give the wearer the ability to change his or her style according to the trend that is on the heat at present and look fashionable without going into debt. One can buy cheap but trendy clothes from fast fashion manufacturers and dump those clothes after the trend is gone and stay relevant with the fashion industry without spending a lot of money on shopping. When fashion is cheap, the saved money can be used for other important factors of life and the overall lifestyle can be improved.


  • Fast fashion harms the environment because the main focus of these firms is to make more and more profits. These firms use harsh methods of production that in extreme cases result in slavery and violation of human rights. The dramatically low pays of workers and labours result in starvation and overall harms the society in many ways.
  • The means of production implemented to produce fast fashion usually has no concern about the environment and climate change. There are no proper methods and procedures to dispose of industrial waste to save the cost of production. This dumping which is both illegal and unethical harms marine life and pollutes the environment greatly.

Both the ways have their own plus points and negative points. Slow fashion and fast fashion are both being implemented in the fashion industry. The industry is however, dependent on the customers and the ultimate power is in the hands of consumers. It is our responsibility to be a responsible consumer and choose the better way of production and boycott the ones we think are wrong and be united with our decision. It is in our hands to change all the wrongs into rights and all the cons into pros.

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