TOP 6 accessories for summer 2020

This summer season 2020 is truly unique for the fashion world. After a long self-isolation, we finally return to normal life and each of us is willing to draw all that accumulated energy into self-expression. The easiest and most effective way to refresh your image is to add accessories.

We met with an American image-maker, Valeriia Bekher (, who has been a fashion expert on the Eastern Coast for already several years. Visiting New York Fashion Week, styling covers for the US and European magazines, working as a personal shopper, Valeriia has a true passion for accessories. Let’s discuss what will be the most trendy accessories this summer.

Neck chains

The trend refers us to the 80-90s of the XX century. The main rule — the more the better. You can mix several chains of different lengths, diameters, colour and thicknesses. However, such catchy accessories should become a bright accent of your image. Try to combine a simple background, say a silk skirt and a white cotton T-shirt, or Bermuda shorts and a jacket, or a dress with a delicate floral print with massive chains.

Such massive accessories around the neck could be easily harmonised by stud earrings or cross earrings, which are now also insanely popular. The fashion of wearing religious symbols, for example, crosses as ear jewellery, began in the 80s of the XX century and became a symbol of the Protestant spirit, sexual revolution and an attribute of rock stars. A bit of true luck is to find accessories of that era in the vintage market.


Glasses can not only protect our eyes from ultraviolet radiation but also give add some elegance to your image depending on the shape and style of the frame. In the summer of 2020, let’s pay attention to goggles that cover half the face, as well as narrow frames. The trend on the sunglasses chains came into our attention a few seasons ago and gained popularity not only due to its beauty but also due to its functionality. Accessories for optics can be also found both in luxury brands, Chanel, Gucci, and in the mass market. In the new Gucci collection, for example, you will even find a chain with built-in interchangeable earrings.

Face masks

The trend for masks originated 4 fashion seasons ago. The idea to cover your face from prying eyes came from a social context and has been a macro trend for the last 2 years. A desire to isolate ourselves from the world, to define personal space, to be less open and transparent, to protect ourselves from the surrounding environment has greatly influenced the fashion trends.


The scarf could be silk, made of natural fabric with the most unpredictable prints and bright colours. This trend refers us to the rise of the Versace brand in the late 80s and early 90s of the 20th century. A famous print with gold chains has gained back its popularity and many brands designers are trying to imitate it in the collections. A scarf will also add a touch of charm to a simple look with jeans, shorts and a T-shirt or summer dress.


A basket bag, a mesh bag, a knot bag are at the spotlight of the fashion era. The influence of the sustainable consumption trend and minimalism is growing more and more. Each fashionista’s wardrobe should have at least one woven or knitted bag made of cotton or any other organic recycled material. This accessory looks fresh and romantic and will add a touch of an important social message. It could be worn with chiffon dresses, shorts and t-shirts, skirts and pastel tops.

White shoes

White shoes are of the highest demand every summer season. But it is in the summer of 2020 that any sandals, mules, and even white combat boots will only strengthen your status as the main fashionista. We live in a world where you can combine lace with cowboy boots, scourge with a silk dress, yellow with purple and be yourself.

Accessories are a unique attribute of the summer season when we are looking for a stylish, sharp and trendy look. Just a few accessories can easily turn a daytime look into an evening one, and a business into a romantic look and vice versa. Get inspired by the collections of stylists and bloggers and be vibrant this summer, because we’ve been waiting for it for so long!

Photo by Julia Odnoletko

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