Tips for Packing Your Clothes for an International Move

A woman packing her suitcase

Packing your clothes for an international move can cause you a huge headache. Each item in your wardrobe requires special attention and adequate packing strategy. However, it doesn’t have to be too difficult if you have a few tricks up your sleeve. With a little organization, packing your clothes for an international move can be a quick and easy process. Without further ado, we are giving you a few tips for packing your clothes that will make your move go smoothly. 

Organize and declutter your clothes

The secret to keeping your clothes organized when moving internationally is to simply organize and declutter your clothes before moving. The first thing you should do is asses your closet. You don’t want to take the clothes you don’t need anymore. Get rid of the clothes that are out of fashion and you don’t want to wear. Also, you should pack the clothes that your children have outgrown or the clothes that are torn or worn out. After separating the clothes you won’t be taking with you, divide them into three groups:

  • Donate the gently-used clothes – If some of your clothes are in good condition, but you don’t want to take them with you, donate them to a charity or your local church. This way you will help your community and give your clothes a new life. 
  • Sell the trendy clothes – If you want to earn a little extra money for your international move, you can try selling your clothes online or organizing a yard sale.
  • Use a self-storage unit for sentimental items – If you don’t want to say goodbye to some sentimental clothing items, then storing clothes in self-storage is a solution for you. You don’t want to part with your wedding dress or with some closet piece that is too important to donate or sell. You can still keep those items in your possession if you find a safe storage unit. 

Choose the way of packing your clothes 

After you assessed your wardrobe and got rid of unused and unnecessary clothes, it is time to think about the way you are going to pack your clothes for a move. Start preparation for an international move and packing clothes by picking the necessary closet moving supplies.

Use cardboard boxes to pack folded clothes. These boxes can be found easily. Ask some friends who have moved recently, or go to a market store ask them to give you some of the boxes they don’t need.

Wardrobe boxes can be very useful when packing clothes on hangers or clothes that wrinkle easily. These boxes can be found online.

Suitcases are an excellent choice for packing clothes that are folded, and they are also a great solution to properly pack shoes for your relocation.

Vacuum bags are great for packing clothes that take too much space, like sweaters and jackets. These vacuum bags will protect your clothes from moisture, dirt, and pests, so you can pack seasonal clothes that you won’t be using right away. 

A woman labeling a cardboard box
Use cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, suitcases, or vacuum bags to properly pack your clothes

Prepare and sort your clothes before packing

Before you start packing your clothes for an international move, you have to wash and put them in packing order. Firstly, pack the clothes you won’t be using immediately after you arrive at your new home, such as out of season clothes. Also, if you want to be well organized, you should sort the clothes into categories. You can sort your clothes by material and divide them into several different material categories – cotton, silk, denim, wool, etc.

You can also sort your clothes for the move by season. So, for example, if you move in the summer, you will only have to unpack summer clothes. And, if you are moving with a family, you should try to keep everything separate for each person. Everyone in the family should have their boxes that are labeled. Sorting the clothes separately for each person in the family will make packing for an international move so much easier

Pack the moving week clothes

While packing your clothes for an international move, don’t forget to pack a separate box with clothes you will be wearing the first week when you come to your new place. Pack some extra pants, shirts, and underwear. It will help a lot to have these items on hand, so you won’t have to dig through the boxes to find them. 

A woman packing her suitcase
Make sure that you pack a box with clothes that you will need right after your arrival.

Additional tips for packing your clothes for an international move 

When traveling internationally by air, there are items you shouldn’t bring and pack together with your clothes – such as jewelry. If you pack the jewelry with your clothes, you risk tearing your clothes. Pack your hats in separate, large boxes, so they don’t bend. While packing, always pack the heavy items at the bottom of the box and lighter items on top. Finally, if some of your clothes are going to be packed away for a long time, such as out-of-season clothing, spray them with some clothing-specific insect repellent. This will keep spiders and pests away from your favorite clothes. 

Packing your clothes for an international move doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, boring process that causes headaches. Use these simple tips to pack your clothes correctly, and your clothes will arrive at your new place undamaged, without wrinkles, and easy to unpack.

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