Sustainable Fashion: Brands & Ideas for Green Fashion

Is Fast Fashion Appealing or demeaning to the environment?

I bet you never thought how your temptation for latest trends affects the environment around you. And no, no one is blaming you for it. But look at the bigger picture, if you feel like discarding every single cloth after wearing once or twice, how are you contributing to the environment?

Fast fashion diverted all the possible positive and negative attention to itself when the facts spoke the truth against its existence. Too bad, I can’t stand to see nature suffer. Check this out.

Green Fashion is must for Generations!

Unlike Fast Fashion, Green Fashion Ideas are Ethical & Eco Friendly!

I mean why does it have to be a one-way concern if you who wear it for the first place are not concerned how this will affect the environment which is responsible for future generations to come. Who will? Almost all the major brands who are concerned about the pollution fast fashion is throwing at the environment have taken some or the other steps to fix this issue. I am glad I get to write about this, know your worth isn’t with changing fashion, it’s your inner beauty that will get you through.

True that you alone cannot change this growing menace, but you can sure contribute by spreading awareness. I am going to cut down certain things for you so that you are not lost in the huge fashion market. You have got to know the industries first which are a major reason why issues of fast fashion occur, how it can be reduced, and lastly if you are into brands which ones to choose that support environment-friendly clothing. Sounds good right?

Fast Fashion Clothing with an environmental cost!

It’s about knowing the root cause of the problems and avoiding it for good. Some of these industries are a major contributor to environmental issues. If I put it bluntly, Ecowatch states that some of the very famous and renowned brands have hazardous chemicals to start with. So now it just doesn’t add filth to the environment but is dangerous for your health too.

You would think how is it all related, Here are some well-known fabric and practices that come with an environmental cost.

  • Cotton– It’s a thirsty plant you can imagine and takes up more than its fair share of water, also a chemical dependent plant.
  • Dye– That is extremely polluting to the environment. The Citarum River in Indonesia is considered to be one of the most polluted due to industrial waste being dumped in there.
Fast Fashion Impacts Environment

Let’s talk a way out for Sustainable Fashion Ideas

Most of the time it’s you who will have to make a choice, and there are some brands and organization around the world that are taking a green step ahead. Runway Dubai last season took a pioneering step to the Sustainable Fashion. As it’s about to choose brands which are making the Greenpeace possible are few, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

  • Eileen Fishers
  • Conscious collection by H&M
  • Everlane
  • Patagonia
  • Reformation

As I said, they are still making a conscious and serious step to improve sustainability when it comes to eco-friendly clothing. One serious attempt can be super helpful in bringing the bigger change. Fast fashion may never stop, but by attempting, you are very much a voice to several other individuals who would join the cause of saving the environment.

Know it all about Green & Eco Friendly Fashion

The awareness doesn’t follow you, but you have to get to the awareness. Fashion doesn’t have to be at the cost of degrading the environment, and so it is a major concern today. If the big shots can make the step to contribute to making the environment safe, so can the others. Help each other to get there, even if it’s one clothing, even if it’s one eco-friendly brand you are choosing. Know that you have done it all.

Try to be aware around the surrounding and things that you buy. Choose brands carefully if you want good for the environment. Safe wear, safe world.  It’s about contributing your views known to other readers through us. Tell your story to the vast number of readers through us, talk about eco-friendly brands to events that support the cause. We cover it all. Drop in your comments below to know more about guest posting and more. We are always on and trending.

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