QnA with Fashion Model & Mentor Elena Postolachi

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Question: Hi Elena, as a successful model & guide to modeling aspirants, could you please share with our readers a few behind the scenes secrets about the modeling, especially about the art of posing, in front of the camera or on the runway. What does it take to own it?

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Answer: Sure. As a professional full time model for the past 8 years I gained extensive knowledge in the art of posing and ready to share it with those who want to learn. Below I will go into how it is done and what is the main ingredient.

Naseem Alandalos Campaign

Depending on the client’s requirements and type of job we can exercise from natural effortless positioning to dramatic almost theatrical performance.

By Mohanned El Magdy

If we are talking about the campaign for haute couture gowns, your body usually has to be relaxed, movements are flowing, soft dreamy eyes. When shooting editorial, depending on the mood of the shoot we can be natural or expressing movement and power.

Arab Fashion Week

Then we have shoots for activewear, outdoor activities where you have to show your best fitness condition and body strength. On the catwalk, first of all, you have to feel the clothes, be comfortable and effortless. Do your best to sell the garments you are wearing. Inner composure and confidence is the key to delivering your best. Your eyes have to say it all.

By Lucas Alves

Depending on the collection, you might be friendly and smiling or completely abstractive and cold but still caring that inner steel confidence. Catwalk is more of performance because all your body parts are moving and the audience is watching you in real-time.

For Rami Al Ali

In photo session, we choose the best shots out of hundreds but in catwalk, you only have one shot. Being the center of attention can overwhelm you but with the time you learn to get comfortable with it, finding that point of focus that guides you through the process.

Amato Couture Campaign

You have to remember that the biggest models are not just pretty faces with perfect measurements. We had models who are not as tall as you would expect and with a not so common appearance. But their inner fire and ability to charm the audience through the movements gained them worldwide recognition in the fashion industry.

By Mox Santos

So your first step would be to accept your body as it is, and next – to use it as an instrument to play sweet or thrilling melody. Playing your favorite tune onset or acting to the beat of the fashion show track will get you into the mood. All comes with experience. You can follow your favorite models on IG, watch FashionTV and try to practice on your own. My friend and business partner Chanel Ayan and I decided to start modeling courses for everyone who wants to learn more about the art of posing and catwalk.

Gemy Maalouf campaign by Urivaldo Lopes

Check out our IG page for more info https://instagram.com/dubaimodelcamp  @dubaimodelcamp. 10 years ago I also started my modeling career from attending a modeling school in Moldova and it was very inspiring for me. It took years to master the knowledge but the base was already set. If you are determined to achieve something you will surely make it, just be persistent in your practice. Good luck!

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