Moving day dress code

What should one wear when moving? Well, first things first, wear a smile! You will need to “dress up” in a positive attitude if you want to remain sane during this hectic and stressful period.

But let us get back to the moving day dress code. Namely, many people believe that wearing ‘special’ kind of clothes during the moving day is redundant and completely unnecessary. However, they are wrong. Wearing unsuitable clothes while moving can cause many disasters and moving injuries. Today, we will focus on what you should be wearing during the moving day to prevent those injuries, accidents, and disasters. So, make sure that all your fancy clothes and high-heels are packed. If this is something that may interest you, well, keep on reading.  

What Type of Clothing Is in Accordance with the Moving Dress Code? 

The type of clothes you are supposed to wear on a moving day does not depend on fashion trends but two other factors – comfort and weather conditions. Always opt for something comfortable, but avoid clothing items that are too loose on your body as they can make you trip and fall, or they can catch onto some things and cause damage. Moreover, avoid tight clothes as they will prevent your flexibility. And, of course, when it comes to the weather conditions, be careful as well. It would be best to wear layers, especially in the cold weather!  

The perfect clothing combination should look something like this – jeans or tight sweatpants, a T-shirt, and a hoodie. Keep in mind you will sweat a lot during the moving day so prepare some extra clothes to change.

 The clothing items you are wearing can make or break your moving day! Therefore, pay attention to the moving day dress code. Alt.tag: A woman wearing a box.

What Shoes Should You Wear on the Moving Day? 

Now that we got clothing items covered, let’s move on to shoes. Shoes are the most important thing to pay attention to while moving and especially during the moving day.

Believe it or not, but your shoes can save your life. How? Well, just imagine what would happen if you decided to wear flipflops or your canvas shoes, for example? You may trip and fall while carrying heavy pieces of furniture and injure yourself or the people around you. You will also damage the object you are carrying. You may stomp onto a nail or some other sharp object lying on the floor and hurt your foot. These are just two scenarios that could happen if you wear unsuitable shoes during the moving day, but the truth is, a lot more and a lot scarier things are possible.  

So, the types of shoes you should wear during the moving day should be completely toe-covered, sturdy, stable, and not slippery. They should also offer good traction and good ankle support. If you have a pair of those ‘working’ shoes, they will do the trick!

Wearing Gloves is a Must! 

When it comes to the moving day, you must prepare everything in advance – from packing materials to gloves. Speaking of gloves, they are necessary, especially if you plan on having a DIY kind of relocation. What they will do is protect your hands from blisters, cuts, and scrapes and also safeguard your fingers from pinches and bumps. But not only that – gloves will also ensure you have a firm grip on the items you are carrying around.

For gloves to protect you from all the previously mentioned injuries, they must fit well! They cannot be too small nor too big for your hands. If you do not have such gloves, go to the hardware store or some other well-equipped supermarket and get some of the following:  

  • Fabric Gloves – These types of gloves are made of cotton. They are very light, and they enable the skin to breathe. With them, you will have a good grip, but unfortunately, they will not protect you much from bruises and bumps.
  • Work Gloves – These types of gloves are great for carrying boxes and other pieces of furniture. They can save your hands from cuts, scrapes, and blisters, but not from pinches and bumps. 
  • Leather Work Gloves – The best of the best! These types of gloves will provide the ultimate protection. They are sturdy but also flexible. 

 Be selective when choosing gloves for your moving process. Alt.tag: Women’s working gloves, an essential part of the moving dress code.

How Should You Wear Your Hair on the Moving Day? 

Be vary of your hair during the moving day as well! Whether you have bangs or short hair that keeps falling onto your face or you have long hair that keeps on snagging, you must get it out of the way! It would be best to pull it back in a ponytail or to put a hat on your head that will keep it secure. 

Moreover, it would be a good idea to remove any jewelry you may have on your neck, ears, hands, etc. Jewelry pieces, especially those long ones, can snag on things as well. So, do not even think about pairing up your jewelry with moving day clothes. 

 Your hair can distract you while carrying boxes – put it out of the way. Alt.tag: A man carrying boxes.

Wear Sun Protection! 

Another thing many people forget to do during the chaotic moving day is to wear sun protection. This is something you must do not only when moving, but whenever you leave your house. You might think that this is too much, but do not underestimate the power of the sun – it may burn you, and it may cause some diseases. Thus, the first you should do on a moving day is to apply sunscreen on all parts of your body, including the face. You can also wear sunglasses and a hat as an extra precaution measure. These two most definitely have to be included in the moving day dress code.

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