Mistakes people make when storing winter clothes

A clock signifying that storing winter clothes too early might not be a good idea

Rearranging clothes can be tiring. Although it’s not a fun activity on its own, that’s certainly not the only reason. Most of us haven’t really taken the time to learn proper techniques that would give us a much more satisfying result and, therefore, motivate us to do it more often and in a more productive way. Acquiring these skills isn’t as time- and energy-consuming as you might think. The first step to learning how to do something is realizing what you’re doing wrong. By figuring this out, you’ll have already done 50 percent of work. In the spirit of starting off on the right foot, here are some mistakes people make when storing winter clothes that will give you some much-needed insight.

Storing without any order

The first thing to think about when trying to avoid mistakes with winter clothes storage is how you want everything to pan out. The single worst thing you could do is to just start rearranging your clothes without any order.

There are some general rules that we’re all familiar with. Fold your clothes well before storing it, keep everything the way you want it found, avoid humid places, store your footwear in a separate environment, etc. Although these are all great things to keep in mind, you should also try to apply them to your personal situation accordingly. This, of course, requires some time. So grab a pen and paper and start thinking about what would make the storing of your winter clothes easier for you.  

A notebook that has 'make it happen' written in it

When talking about your winter clothes storage, try to make a rough sketch of everything you want to accomplish.

Putting away winter clothes as they are

Once you’ve planned everything out, you’ll probably want to just put your winter clothes away and get back to your other obligations. However, that’s not exactly the best way to go about it. Before storing, there are some other things you need to tend to.

The way you’re packing clothes

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when putting your winter clothes away is packing them in a rush. Cramming more than what can actually fit into a box or container will wrinkle your clothes and decrease their longevity. If you want to enjoy these outfits for as long as possible with the highest quality possible, make sure to leave enough space for the fabric to flow naturally and be able to breathe.

A woman carrying a stack of cardboard boxes that she's using to store winter clothes in

Packing your winter clothes too tight might cause them to lose some of their volume and durability.

When it comes to packing winter clothes, it’s not only the inside of the boxes and containers that counts. You also need to make sure your boxes are properly marked in order to decrease your unpacking time. Depending on how many items you will be storing, you’ll want to do this as efficiently as possible. The best way is to simply divide your clothes into piles and label the boxes with a marker so that you know where everything is.


  • Properly clean
    Since you’ll be storing these winter clothes over summer, a simple everyday wash won’t do. See to it that this wash cleans your clothes to their maximum in every sense – soap, softener, temperature, drying included.
  • Place aromas that you like
    One of the steps many tend to forget with putting winter clothes away is using some natural scents. Placing a mixture of your favorite herbs and fragrances in the same environment in which you’re storing your winter clothes will have them smelling fresh for a long time.
  • Protect your clothes from insects
    While stored, your winter clothes could easily become moth food if you’re not careful enough. If you don’t want any chemicals near your clothes, feel free to use moth-repellent herbs such as rosemary or lavender.

Make sure you’ve emptied everything out

Before storing your winter clothes, think about either donating or throwing away what you don’t need. There will, of course, be some items that you can actually use to rediscover and refresh your wardrobe by making some adjustments. Nonetheless, if there’s something you’re not keen on using any longer, it just might be someone else’s cup of tea.   


Another mistake you could make is to store your winter clothes too early. It would be best if you could have a timeframe where you’ll be able to leave some items that are your go-to. Since the climate is drastically changing, you never know what could come up. This way, you’ll be prepared for anything.

A clock signifying that storing winter clothes too early might not be a good idea

Putting away your winter clothes too early might not be a good idea.

Where you store your winter clothes

Living in a modern world sometimes means living in smaller spaces. While this doesn’t necessarily affect our movement and quality of life, it certainly affects the number of possessions we can keep in our home.

If you’re someone who has a beautiful, big, organized walk-in closet and experiences no struggle when it comes to storing winter clothes at home, that’s excellent.

However, you might live in a not-so-spacious home and could benefit from some extra storage. If this is the case, rethink having your winter clothes stored at home. Instead, find a storage unit close to your home and make room for something else you’ll actually be using.

Storing clothes too far away

Whether you’re storing winter clothes at home or using a storage unit, make sure that they’re easily approachable. You can, of course, store some items that you don’t use that often alongside them. However, you’ll probably need some of them sooner or later. If you’re opting for a storage unit, choose one that’s close to your home.

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