Maternity Fashion Trends In 2020: Staying Fashionable as a New Mom

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Description: Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, with multiple tots running around the house, or a first-time-mom, staying in the loop as to the latest fashion trends can be a difficult task. So, let’s get back to basics and keep things simple.

Oh, the joys of motherhood are a wonderful thing, aren’t they? Being woken up at 3 am by a screaming newborn or a tearful tot that’s had some nightmares. Fights at dinner time when they don’t want to eat the ‘’choo choo train’’. Then let’s not forget the potty accidents while out in public.  

Of course, motherhood is a fantastic blessing as well, so we don’t want to be a Debbie-downer as you start ‘’new mom life’’. But one thing is for sure. Maternity fashion can be a challenge all in itself. So in this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the evergreen fashion trends. Here are the tips you can use in 2020 to stay at the height of fashion! 

Capsule Wardrobe For Mom Fashion 

Many fashion magazines and fashion designers encourage the average person, who has limited time and funds, to create the ‘’capsule wardrobe’’. It means you’re going to want to grab yourself some ‘’ mom fashion essentials’’ that can have multiple utilities with many different fashion occasions. So, jeans, plain leggings, leather jackets, and a blazer. These are fashion items that can be worn every day and mix-and-matched with other fashion accessories to create different looks. Perfect for the new mom who wants to stay fashionable! 

Sportswear & Leggings 

Let’s touch on a few of these fashion capsule wardrobe items – and we’ll start with sportswear and leggings. Yes, lucky for you, sportswear is becoming more and more fashionable in 2020 thanks to the growing interest in gyms and working out. Wearing sportswear is no longer the ‘’fashion no-no’’ it once was. You can combine fitness leggings with a cute leather jacket for an ‘’on-the-go’’ look. Sportswear and leggings also allow for added comfort for when you might be carrying your newborn in a ring sling or on your hip.

Stick To Your Color Pallet 

If you’re an experienced follower of fashion blogs and the types of fashion styles out there, then chances are, you’ll already know what colors best suit your complexion. It is your fashion color pallet, and there’s no reason to abandon it as you enter motherhood. Fashion shopping for comfort is no doubt, going to be important for you, but still…don’t sacrifice your ideal color pallet. A brightly colored fashion item might look great with a dark skin complexion – not so much with a pale one, for example.  

Learn How to Accessorize  


Study women fashion look-books, and you’ll notice that, as always, the devil is in the detail. Don’t neglect to accessorize. As stated above, capsule wardrobe items like blazers or leather jackets can be made to look completely different if you accessorize a few different items – think bangles, scarves, hats, bags, sunglasses, etc.  


Jeans perhaps tie with leggings as being the ultimate fashion capsule wardrobe item. A well-fitting and simple pair of stretch jeans can be the perfect ‘’go-to’’ as you race around in the early morning trying to get your day started and while tending to your newborn. Great for pretty much all seasons, jeans have been a regular fashion fixture among new moms for decades. They can be extremely figure-hugging and make you look great, even in the immediate first few weeks after giving birth. 

Don’t Forget Your Feet 

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. As if we need to remind you to go shoe shopping, right?! But yeah, even the cheapest and simplest outfit can be made to look like a ‘’fashion show-stopper’’ if you’re wearing an amazing pair of shoes from one of the top sports fashion brands. We say ‘’sports fashion brands’’ here because we know you’re going to be spending most of your time in sport’s shoes as a new mom. Simply put, they’re super comfortable, and you need comfort and style combined. So look out for a nice colorful pair of sports shoes that you can match with some black leggings or black jeans and a leather jacket.  

Leather Jackets 

leather jacket

We’ve mentioned the leather jacket as an ideal fashion capsule wardrobe piece several times already. That’s because the leather jacket, often black, is just such a cool and versatile item. You’ll see teen girls and women in their twenties and early thirties constantly rocking the black leather jacket look. No need to give that up, now you’re a new mom. Wear that black leather jacket with pride. If you don’t already have one in your fashion ensemble, you can pick one up in most high street stores for less than $100. Not bad for something you can wear every day and which will probably last you a couple of seasons.  

5 Minutes For Morning Makeup  

We’ve left this one till last because it’s one of our non-essential fashion tips. Look, as a new mom, you’re going to have a lot on your plate, and your new little bundle-of-love is going to take priority. Kylie Jenna level makeup and nails are not going to be high on your to-do-list as you rush around in the mornings to start the day.  

Having said that, if you do want to stay fashionable, then taking 5 minutes for yourself to do some simple and fresh makeup, can make a difference. It can be so if you’re newborn isn’t giving you much sleep at night, and you might be looking a little worse-for-wear. So squeeze in 5 minutes of ‘’you time’’ for a makeup fashion pit stop.  

Final Words – New Moms Staying Fashionable

So there you have it if you’re a fashion-conscious new mom. The main tip we can give you is to focus on building a small but versatile fashion capsule wardrobe of a few simple items. Then don’t forget the accessories and the shoes (as if you’d forget the shoes!). 

What do you think? Is there anything we’ve missed here in the fashion capsule wardrobe? An item that you simply can’t live without?

Author’s Bio: Betti Wilson is a happily married and working mom of three from Toronto, Canada. She works as a Youtuber and as a fashionista. Betti has written several in-depth blog articles about fashion and motherhood over recent years and continues to grow in popularity. 

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