How to Shop for Maternity Clothes

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Pregnancy can be a happy but equally overwhelming journey. Between the cramps, nausea, and other discomforts, there are a lot of uncomfortable changes going on in your body. No wonder pajamas and sweatpants are the go-to clothes for moms-to-be! But sometimes we want to step out of our comfy pants and put on something that makes us look and feel great. If you are pregnant and want to put together a great maternity wardrobe, this article is for you.

When Should I Buy Maternity Clothing?

No two pregnancies are the same. Some women continue to wear their regular clothes even late into their pregnancy while others need maternity clothing even before the end of the first trimester. So it’s totally up to you when to start shopping for new wardrobe pieces like maternity dresses. But if you find yourself needing to unbutton the top button of your pants after a regular mean, or you’ve found it’s no longer possible to button your top all the way down, it’s probably time you look for maternity tops and bottoms.

Most women begin to show their pregnant belly at around 20 weeks. But this too depends on the height, weight, and the number of babies a mother-to-be is carrying. Often first pregnancy bumps aren’t visible until the beginning of the second trimester. So if your clothes are feeling uncomfortable and tight, it may be time to go shopping!

What Sizes Should I Buy?

First-time mothers may not know how their bodies will change during their pregnancy. This makes it difficult to pick the right size for maternity clothes. Even with subsequent pregnancies, it is not easy to predict how you are likely to carry your pregnancy. Rather than focusing too much on maternity clothes sizes, look for clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good.

Remember tight clothes can also increase the chances of having issues like heartburn and abdominal pain. Plus, they could also make you susceptible to yeast infection. Ignore the number or size on the tag and look for pieces that allow you to move and feel comfortable.

What Should I Buy?

Maternity clothing does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of online stores that sell trendy and affordable maternity dresses, tops, and bottoms. For example, Mother Bee Maternity offers a wide range of maternity clothes for great prices. Finding affordable clothing can help you bolster your maternity wardrobe with comfortable dresses, flattering tops, and stretchy bottoms without blowing your budget.

Maxi dresses are perfect for formal occasions and casual outings. Consider these if you are planning an upcoming baby shower or maternity photo shoot. Palazzos are comfortable too, and so are stretch jeans and leggings. Stock up on maternity tops that are perfect for nursing as well. Look for clothes that stretch well, so they can be worn as you move through the different stages of your pregnancy. Ruched maternity tops and maxi dresses work well on most body types and look elegant.

When looking for maternity clothing, don’t forget about undergarments! It is so important to invest in some good pairs of underwear. Cotton panties are often the most comfortable choice. Also, look for supportive bras that will help ease the discomforts that often come with pregnancies.

Although it may seem challenging, getting a new pregnancy wardrobe can be a fun reason to shop for new clothes and celebrate your changing shape and exciting future.

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