How to properly pack shoes for your relocation?

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The time has come to relocate to your new home and make one of the biggest steps of your life. Congratulations! However, it’s not time to celebrate just yet. Moving is a complex and stressful process, and it will require a lot of your time, energy, and, of course, money. You will need to pack your belongings and make sure everything arrives safely and in one piece to your new address. And, speaking of belongings, what about your shoes? They are not going to walk themselves to your new home. You must be the one to do that. That is why we are here! We will help you prepare and pack your shoes for relocation in no time! 


When it comes to moving, you must remember one thing – the more items you plan on relocating, the more expensive your move will be. This is understandable, as if you have a lot of stuff, you will need more packing materials, more hands on deck, and a bigger moving truck. All those things cost extra. Thus, do yourself a favor, and purge before packing! Look at your shoe collection and make a decision – which pairs must go with you and which can be left behind (donated, sold, or even thrown away if they are too damaged). Do not get too sentimental, but look on the bright side – the more shoes you ‘get rid of’ the more space you will have in your new home for new ones. Also, by doing this, having a more affordable move is possible, so apply it to all of your household items, not only to your shoes. 

Before packing, get rid of the shoes you have not worn in a long time

Thoroughly Clean and Dry Your Shoes 

After you have decided which shoes are going with you to your new home and which must be left behind, it is time for cleaning. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, if there is dirt on your shoes, it might damage your entire collection. Secondly, nobody wants to see dirty shoes when they unpack boxes. So, get your dish soap and some cloth and start scrubbing. Remove all the dust, dirt, and any pebbles that might be hiding in the soles too. Then, let your shoes dry completely before wrapping and packing them. Leave them outside for 24 hours if possible. Moreover, if you notice that some of your shoes require some minor repairs, it would be a good idea to fix them before you move. 

Gather Packing Supplies 

By now, you are supposed to have a clear picture of the number of pairs of shoes you are planning to take with you. But, just in case, count them once more. Then, get a cardboard box for each pair (if you saved original boxes, even better). It would also be a good idea to get some packing paper for the inside of the shoes and some plastic wrap for the outside. This is important if you want to find your shoes in exactly the same shape and condition as when you packed them. That is, by doing this, you will be sure that your shoes will arrive intact to your new address. Of course, you can use some DIY tips and tricks too, but just make sure you do not use plastic bags when packing them as that might cause more harm than good. Keep this in mind when packing clothes too, as well as any other fabrics you have in your home. 

Always keep the original boxes! You never know when you might need them.

Use Clean Materials for Packing

As previously mentioned, many people opt to have a DIY kind of relocation in order to save some money. By doing that, they usually cut corners on packing materials. We agree, you can do that for some household items. But, when it comes to packing those trendy sneakers or other favorites, you must use proper packing supplies. Again, you need cardboard boxes, packing paper, and plastic wrap. Whatever you do, just stay away from newspapers and the colored tissue paper. Those can leave big stains on your shoes, stains that will be impossible to get rid of. So, be smart – always use proper, or more importantly, clean materials for packing. 

Want to Keep Your Shoes Fresh? Use Tea Bags! 

We can all agree that there is nothing worse (when packing and unpacking) than smelly shoes. They can ‘infect’ all of your other items in the moving truck and force you to re-clean everything once again. Luckily, there is a way to remove the lingering shoe odor. The easiest way is to leave them overnight somewhere where there is a lot of fresh air. If the smell is still there, try putting them in your freezer for a couple of hours. That will kill all the bacteria that may be inside your shoes. But, if you do not have enough time for all of this, simply buy a ‘shoe deodorant’ or put tea bags in your shoes before packing them. 

shoes and flower
Use floral tea bags to make sure your shoes are smelling fresh even after weeks spent in the box.

Do Not Forget to Stack Everything Properly 

Last but definitely not the least thing to have in mind when packing and relocating your shoes is how to stack them properly. Again, it is very straightforward – put the heaviest boxes on the bottom and lighter on the top. This applies to stacking shoes in a moving truck, in storage, and even for when organizing your closet. If you do it otherwise, you might damage your ‘gentle’ and fragile pairs. So, be smart about it! 

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