How to make more space for new clothes in your wardrobe

You can get a headache trying to make more space for new clothes in your wardrobe

A tiny wardrobe and a lot of clothes usually mean a huge, disorganized mess. You might find making more space for new clothes in your wardrobe challenging, but don’t be discouraged. There are a few tricks and tips that can help you organize your wardrobe and make the most of the space you have. With few decorating tricks, the right organizing products, and a little patience, your wardrobe won’t just seem bigger, but you might realize that that tiny closet of yours is just right. Plus, these tips won’t break your budget!

1. Spring cleaning

First thing first, when you start reorganizing, start with a blank slate. This means that you have emptied out your closet and applied the rule: “If you don’t wear it, it goes”. For this task, you are going to need time and a solid plan, so you can thoroughly edit all your clothes and get rid of the clutter. While this can be an easy way to cut and plan your storing costs, you will have to put an extra effort into deciding what to keep. Therefore, set an afternoon aside and remove the clothes from your wardrobe that:

  • don’t fit anymore – while keeping clothes that are too small can be somewhat of an inspiration, they will only clutter your closet
  • out of season –  if you want to make more space for new clothes in your wardrobe, you have to remove off-season clothing, and if you didn’t wear an item for a year, get rid of it
  • wear and tear clothes – if you hold up a garment and you can see wholes in your elbows, knees, etc., it goes out

Emptying out your closet will help you to see clearly the storage capacity of your wardrobe, and now you can start organizing and making space for the new clothes.

2. Make more space for new clothes in your wardrobe by using hangers

Using hangers can be the best way to pack your wardrobe. If you have a tiny wardrobe, coat hangers can help you maximize its size. There are some handy tips to make the most of your space using just hangers. If your wardrobe is tall, try using a cheap metal chain and S clips to hang your shirts and short clothes vertically. You can do the same by doubling up the hanger using a tab from a soda can. You can also attach shower rings to a hanger to display everyday items that you wear week in, week out.  By using hangers, you won’t have to use bulky accessory boxes, and you will free up more space for new clothes in your wardrobe. 

White clothes hanging on a gray clothes hanger
Maximize the wardrobe space by using hangers

3. Smart usage of floor space

Of course, you have all 30 wardrobe essentials that the magazine suggested, and you still need new clothes. That’s why you need to think horizontally and to use the floor space cleverly. After clearing up the extra space on the floor, you should invest in some plastic or wooden drawers. You might think that it will take up space, but it will actually help you organize your clothes better and free up some more space. For example, you can use the drawers to store the items you don’t use daily such as bags, scarfs, hats, etc.

Another idea for making use of floor space is to arrange your short-hanging pieces at one end of the wardrobe and your longer-hanging clothes at the other, thus you will open up floor space in your wardrobe where you can place a shoe rack.

Set of baskets and clean towels in a wardrobe
Use storage baskets to make more space for new clothes in your wardrobe

4. The top of your wardrobe can be used as well

Do you think you are out of space in your wardrobe? The top of your wardrobe is a perfect place to keep the items you won’t be using for a while or that are too big, such as larger travel bags that aren’t used that often. Thus you will free up space for more important things. To organize the top of the wardrobe, use some pretty baskets or storage boxes. You can also consider using shelf dividers, which will turn the space into little squares so everything can be seen easily. 

5. Use the back of the wardrobe door for storage

People usually forget that the back of the wardrobe door can be used for storage. Simple railings or hooks on the back of the door are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. You can hang your jewelry, which is essential for accessorizing your outfits, your shoes with S clips, belts by looping them through, and so many other things. It is such a clever way to organize your wardrobe.

Shirts packed in a drawer
Keep your wardrobe organized

Don’t forget to maintain the wardrobe

Finally, when you have made an effort to reorganize your wardrobe, you should maintain it regularly. Now and then, when you buy some new clothes, you should probably let some of it go. Thus, you will keep your wardrobe nice and neat, and will always have space for new clothes. However, if you neglect your wardrobe, do a seasonal reorganization and put away the clothes that you are not going to wear during those months. Remember that boosting your wardrobe with small but smart ideas will make more space for new clothes in your wardrobe, even if it’s tiny

Image Credits: Pixabay , Pexels

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