How to declutter your clothes before moving

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Moving either locally or internationally is a big project. You have to find a new home, sell the current one, hire movers, pack and prepare everything for the relocation, and make sure every single item arrives safely to your new address. All of this can last for months, and if you are not well prepared and organized, it can last even longer.

So, how does one start preparing for the process of relocation? Well, by starting small, that is, by using baby steps. For example, you can finish some of those mundane tasks that take up a lot of time like decluttering your closet. If you do this in advance, you will save a lot of time and energy later on. Thus, here is how to properly declutter your clothes before moving. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Start with Preparations in Advance

When it comes to moving, the best thing you can do is start preparing ahead of time! Two or three months in advance would be ideal. This is important because you need to make a plan for every single detail of the move.

The same applies to decluttering your closet before packing or shipping your clothes. Believe it or not, but that too is a time-consuming process, thus, the sooner you start the better!

Start by simply looking at all the clothes you have. Ask yourself when the last time you wore that dress, or that scarf, etc. was. Give yourself time to think. Then, once you decide what is worth keeping and what should be given to somebody else, make a list. This list can help you figure out what packing supplies you will need later on as well. 

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Before decluttering your clothes and packing for relocation, make a plan.

Make Sure Everything is Visible 

How many times have you discovered a clothing item in your closet that you have completely forgotten about? The answer is probably too many times, right? Do not worry, you are not the only one.

So, in order to avoid cluttering your clothes, make sure everything is visible. This will help you not only now, while you are decluttering, but also later on when you are packing everything. Thus, take everything out of the closet and go through every single piece of clothing you found there. The items that you wear daily, of course, you should keep. But, if you have some items you forgot about, as mentioned before, either donate or sell them. When you make everything visible, you will have a much clearer picture of what you actually have and what you will actually need once you relocate. 

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Take a weekend off and really go through all of your clothes.

Create a Holiday Box 

While you are ‘making everything visible’ you should pay attention to all the clothing items you wear on holidays. Those can be your swimming suits and beachwear, your ski suits, or even some costumes you wear on Halloween or Christmas. Realistically, there is no need for them to stay in your closet, clog up all the space, and keep you from rediscovering and refreshing your clothes.

Simply place them in labeled cardboard boxes and leave them in your attic, basement, or garage. Then, when the moving day arrives, you can easily load the boxes in the moving truck, without wasting too much of your time and energy. This is why decluttering your clothes ahead of time is important – half of the work will already be done once you start packing everything from your wardrobe. 

‘Sentimental’ is Not an Excuse! 

Most of us tend to keep clothing items that bring back some memories. Those can be clothes we wore on our first date, our prom, wedding, birthday, etc. Of course, it is understandable that we want to keep them forever. But some people go too far. They want to keep their grandmother’s coat or their mother’s old hat.

If you have many of those things in your closet, put them to better use. For example, instead of keeping that coat and that hat to collect dust, give them to charity and make somebody really happy. Remember that ‘sentimental’ is not an excuse. Declutter your clothes before moving and get rid of all the things you have not worn in a long time! You must be rational when packing your wardrobe if you want to save your time, energy, and money when moving. 

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Let your clothes make somebody very happy! There is no need to be overly sentimental!

Donate, Sell, or Throw Away 

If you followed our advice from above and decided to declutter your clothes, the packing and moving processes will be much easier. However, you cannot just leave all the clothes in your current closet. You must do something with them.

We recommend donating or selling them. Go to your local charitable organization and see whether they can use some of the clothing items you have. Or, if you want to earn some extra money (to help you move, for example) you can also consider selling. Sell them online using your social media, Craigslist, or local ads. For even faster results, organize a yard or garage sale, if of course, you have the necessary space for it. If, however, some of your clothes are completely ruined and impossible to wear, do not try to salvage them, let them hit the bin. Make your move easier and make your new closet ready for all the new stuff

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