Gorgeous Curly Hairstyle for Your Next Date Night

It can be difficult to come up with a new, cute but sexy hairdo for date night-particularly if you don’t have the advantage of long, flowing locks to play with. Okay, we’re going to be the first to admit: short-haired girls are having it rough. We have found perfect, easy-to-reach short curly Hairstyles For Wigs which we hope will hit the nail on the head. Curls may be used to create a wide range of styles, so that there is no better hair look to use while glamming for an evening commitment. Check out the following curly hairstyles to find a glamorous look for your next night out and see which one is right for you.

Bob with messy-textures

Can’t remember short hair be sexy? Think once again. Intentionally messy, the best case in point is asymmetric bob. This playfully cut crop, being all about volume and texture, will work well for those who have a natural kink in their tresses. It’s so cool and touchable that we almost just want to run through it with our fingertips!

Side-feathered bob with sleek finger waves

Ideal for those looking for a way to night-worthy their grown-out pixie or short bob date, this ’20s-inspired side-swept’ do is guaranteed to glamorize your look instantly. And doing so is simpler than you would think. What you need are plenty of bobby pins, a decent hairspray for the fortress and a few tips and tricks to build the perfect finger waves.

Ponytail Mohawk

A kind of mohawk for curly-haired ladies, but put lower down rather than on top of the crown, this sophisticated ‘hawk/’tail combination works well on those with curly ringlets (you can still curl your tresses manually and gently pull them out for a more natural-looking effect with your fingers). Everything is online just sweeping the sides back and pinning in the centre, making a kind of faux mohawk where the curls cascade down your crown back. Leave untucked the shorter pieces for a more casual, completely undone feel.

Semi-up, half-down twist

Ideal for tresses of all kinds of textures, this stylish and simple half-up, half-down twist is built to highlight your beautiful natural twists, coils and kinks, while keeping them smooth and away from the face. Consider using a comb and volumizing spray to create height on top, and make sure to use bobby pins to cover them as close to your hair colour as possible.

Adjusted messy updo

This pretty updo works seamlessly on most curly Hair Textures. The trick to keeping frizz at bay is to smooth the hair out before pulling it back into a messy bun and sealing it with a strong but pliable hairspray. Additionally, accessorizing with a delicate headband will help hold it in place.

Waterfall braids

The best thing about waterfall braids is that they don’t take a lot of length because it’s a flat braid. In fact, we think that you ladies with curly locks have a huge advantage in that your natural texture will also give this pretty hairstyle a pinch of ethereal romance – not to mention errors will hardly be noticed.

Faux bob

Do you have long hair and want to really impress your date? So why not go for the night short! Don’t worry, we don’t recommend that you cut off all your evening locks. Ladies, meet the fake bob. Start by making a very low ponytail, i.e., below your neck’s nape, and tie elastic band together. Then slowly slide the band down to change your bob ‘s length (the lower the band, the longer bob). Using a really fine hairspray to help keep the look in place, tuck the ponytail under and protect it with bobby pins. The thicker your hair and curlier it gets, the more normal the effects.

Vintage curls

Right now, retro curls are all rage. Celebrities sport the feel of the roaring 20s. This look fits better for those with natural waves and curves, as a shorter hairstyle adds structure and volume. Take out the highlights if you want to retain the retro look and go for a good, but sexy shade.

Tips for Short Curly Hairstyles:

  • When you are using shampoos, conditioners and hair masks specifically made for curly hair, you can easily style the curls. These products can add humidity and nourishment to your curls avoid frizz and make it easier to manage your hair. Hairstyles for curly hair typically last for a while, unless they are exposed to excessive heat or moisture.
  • When you want to enhance your natural curls, use a round bristle brush to dry your curls first, and then form them with a curling iron. If you want the messy, natural look to rock just blow your hair with a diffuser. You can also achieve the natural look by simply washing and conditioning your hair as normal. Add some product and let it dry air.

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