Difference Between Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Wigs?

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If you are lacking the desired hair texture, density, length, or volume, a good wig may be one of the best fixes for you. In the last years, this industry has developed a lot and many glamorous wigs give a very natural and beautiful look. The current variety is divided between synthetic wigs and Human Hair Wigs. Let’s see why they are so different and which is the best choice for you and what to take into consideration when choosing your next wig.

1. The price

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Let’s get down to one of the hot points of this subject. One of the main points that we take into consideration when buying hair extensions and wigs is the price tag. The world of both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs started to be a bit more inclusive price-wise in the last years but there are still some very clear distinctions.

As in the case of hair extensions, a human hair is expensive. Keeping this in mind you have to realize that human hair wigs are also going to be at the top of the price range. The length of the hair is also very important and it can add some dollars to your purchase. Synthetic hair wigs are the cheaper version on the market and they are affordable for many women out there.


2. The look

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Even though human hair wigs may be a bit more price they also provide a very natural look and feel especially Wavy Lace Wigs feels and look the most natural. The moment you put them on your hair they will feel just like your natural hair and they will give more natural wear. Synthetic hair on the other hand can have a plastic-like look if the wig is very cheap. There are many high-quality synthetic wigs out there that mimic human hair almost perfectly but they will never feel as good as natural hair. This is considered one of the biggest problems regarding synthetic wigs and it may be troublesome if you are into very smooth hair.

3. The versatility

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The main advantage and disadvantage of synthetic wigs are that the way they come out of the box they will stay like this. Changing the color of a synthetic hair wig or the trim is almost impossible and you should not try this at home. The advantage of synthetic wigs is that they don’t need extra trimming or adjustments after being taken out of the box and they can be worn right away.

Human hair wigs are designed to have a little space and length for trimming to perfectly fit the figure of the wearer. This may be an advantage but at the same time, you will have to find a salon that is specialized in trimming wigs. But at the same time, human hair wigs allow you some hair coloring if you are not happy with the color you got.

4. The styling

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Being made of artificial materials, synthetic hair wigs can’t be styled. The heat from the styling tools can melt from the heat and no heat-protective spray is going to help you with that. If you choose to get a synthetic wig, try choosing a style that you will want to wear every single day. Some options on the market can be styled but the price tag can sometimes jump over the price of human hair wigs, making them a true luxury item.

Human hair wigs allow styling but also with limits. Given that the hair in the wig gets no extra nutrition besides the treatments you apply, you should try protecting the cuticle of the hair as much as possible. But as a bonus point, you can style them from time to time.

5. Durability

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In this category, the ultimate winner is the synthetic wig. Being made of artificial materials, as long as they are not styled (and they don’t need much styling), they will stay with you for years and years. You just have to remember to gently brush the wig from time to time to avoid knots and tears.

Human hair wigs on the other hand have an “expiry date” given that human hair degrades in time. At the same time, proper care and a limited styling can keep your wig for a very long time with you. Try to go for virgin hair wigs because they have a better cuticle given that they were not chemically treated.

The world of wigs is very diverse and colorful and it offers many options suitable for any budget, complexion, or style. Keep in mind if you want your wig for daily wear or just for the occasion and choose based on that. Every type of wig given certain advantages and disadvantages but they are all going to give you the desired volume and look.

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