Buying Branded Perfumes | Is It Worth the Money?

A perfume is a lot more than just a good fragrance; its magic is transformative. It holds the power to alleviate your mood completely and make you stand out on any occasion.

From giving your confidence a boost to adding value to your personality, a good perfume can do wonders for you. However, it can totally backfire if the fragrance is not of good quality!

The quality of a perfume is assessed on characteristics like originality, power and radiance, longevity, and versatility.

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Getting back to the topic; a good quality perfume does not necessarily have to cost a kidney! But at the same time, most of us know that making high-quality perfumes require some costly ingredients. That explains why perfumes are considered a luxury by many!

The question here is: Are branded perfumes worth the high prices? Let’s look at some pros and cons of branded perfumes, and then talk about some of the top brands.


The major difference between a low-cost and a high-priced perfume is their ingredients. While high-cost fragrances are made with natural or organic oils, some important elements are likely to be compromised or not added to low-cost perfumes.

Hence, it is better to buy a branded perfume if you are sensitive to certain ingredients and want to avoid any chances of irritation.

Also, expensive perfumes last longer. Even though cheap perfumes can replicate a branded version’s top notes without the proper essential oils, but they wear off quickly.

Another plus point of spending more money on perfumes is that they can be excellent status symbols.

Moreover, some people prefer to buy branded perfumes just because of their aesthetics. Costly perfumes are usually packaged in limited-edition bottles. If you love collecting such unique designer accessories, why not go for a branded perfume?

Additionally, you can gift expensive perfumes to your loved ones for making them feel extra special.


A negative aspect of branded perfumes is their high concentration. A highly concentrated scent may not create the desired effect for some people.

Similarly, a high-priced fragrance contains a fusion of several essential oils which may become overbearing to some.

Moreover, if you are a perfume lover, you might want to have a huge collection of fragrances to choose from. Buying low-cost perfumes will enable you to own a large collection in the same budget as two to three branded ones.

Plus, low cost allows the smaller perfume companies to experiment or innovate. On the other hand, big players are afraid of taking risks because of mega-investments in their business.

Top 5 Perfume Brands

In my opinion, high prices of fragrances are justified if they are pure and original. Here are a few brands which I believe are totally worth spending on. You can easily get them from the most reliable fragrance store, Elite Perfumes, which I mentioned earlier.


This brand has won the hearts of many!

Although it is considered the highest-priced brand, the collection of its fragrances have undoubtedly the best quality. Their perfumes consist of a modern touch; a perfect combination of strong yet surprisingly fresh notes. This brand is a true representation of beauty and elegance.

One word that comes to my mind about this brand is irresistible.

Calvin Klein

Another brand that defines class and value!

Their perfumes are known for their romantic and seductive vibes. Also, the scents in their collections contain perfectly balanced sweet and fruity notes. This versatile brand has the most suitable perfumes for both regular wear and special occasion.

One word that suits it the best is balanced.


One of the top fashion brands!

The most extensive variety of scents offered by a single brand; from musk, sage, sycamore wood, and rosewood to lemon, cedar leaves, and tarragon, with minimal sweet notes.

Versatile seems the most appropriate word for, it in my opinion.

Mont Blanc

A brand with hottest selling perfumes!

Named after the highest peak of Alps, Mont Blanc provides the epitome of quality in each of its product. Its high prices are totally justified by the class it delivers. Mont Blanc’s classic range of perfumes goes perfectly well with different styles, personalities, and overall appearance.

The best part? Its scents have a traditional yet innovative feel.

Dolce & Gabbana

This brand does not need any definition.

It has been called one of the best perfumes producers in the past 20 years. Its quality is undisputed, for which it won the International Perfume Academies award for Best Women’s Fragrance in 1993.

One word that perfectly defines this brand is sensational.

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