Best ways to pack your wardrobe for relocation

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Moving your home includes a lot of tasks and details, but one that surely takes away a lot of time is packing your wardrobe. All the clothes, accessories, shoes and seasonal items make the biggest part of the packing process which can be pretty tiring. Also, you want to protect your delicate pieces during transport, so proper packing technique is necessary. So, we’ll help you with this and make things easier. Here are the best ways to pack your wardrobe for relocation and be both time and space-efficient.

Before you pack your wardrobe for relocation…

…be sure to do a detailed clean-up. If you’ve been living in the old house for a while, there are probably items in your wardrobe you don’t really need to move. Do a detailed decluttering and pack only the wardrobe essentials you really need and wear. What to do with the things you don’t want to relocate? Well, there are a couple of options to consider:

  • Selling – if an item is in a good condition, you can sell it online or on a garage sale. This is a great way to earn some cash if you’re moving on a budget and need some financial help.
  • Donating – there are many charity organizations or people from your environment that will accept clothes or shoes in good condition.
  • Recycling – if an item is not possible to wear anymore, go on and recycle it and make your move more environmentally-friendly.
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When you pack your wardrobe for relocation, it’s best to declutter first and sell/donate the items you don’t need

Decluttering has a couple of benefits, so you shouldn’t avoid it. You can make some money for the move, save a lot of time and packing materials since you will pack less, and also make more space in your new home. Decluttering is a great way to make your relocation as affordable as possible, as you will have fewer items to pack. That’s why you should start sorting your items out, and removing all the things that are outgrown, damaged, outdated, etc. Also, if you’re moving to a place with a completely different climate, make sure to revise your wardrobe items and see what you’ll need after the move.

Best ways to pack your wardrobe for relocation – useful tips and tricks

Here are some main tips to consider when you pack your wardrobe for relocation and also be more effective during the process.

Start on time

Even though it’s “just a wardrobe”, you should start your packing on time. Even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, decluttering and packing can take a lot of time. Don’t pack your wardrobe for relocation in the last minute, since it will only bring you more stress and leave you tired and overwhelmed.

Pack the items you don’t need first

As we mentioned, you should definitely start your packing on time. It’s best to pack the items you rarely use first. These may include seasonal items – if you’re moving in summer, pack your skiing equipment, winter jackets, hats, and scarves first.  Also, formal clothes are the items you don’t use often, so be sure to take care of them, too.

Don’t use the moving boxes only

Cardboard moving boxes are the most common way to pack for the move. However, when you need to pack your wardrobe for relocation, there are many other things you can use that will actually protect your items from getting wet, wrinkled, etc. Here are some of the containers you can use:

  • Vacuum bags – these will be probably your best friend during the move since vacuum bags save a  lot of space and are very useful in protecting the clothes from getting wet.
  • Suitcases – why not use items you already have. Suitcases and gym bags are a great way to pack some of your clothes or shoes. Also, As suitcases don’t bend, they’re perfect for items like hats, so they protect them from damage.
  • Wardrobe Boxes – this amazing type of moving boxes gives you a chance to move your clothes without wrinkles since you can simply hang your items inside a box, as you do in your closet. So, if you have some luxury pieces, make sure to get one of these.
  • Garbage bags – these are a great way to pack your everyday clothes if you don’t worry about them getting wrinkled.
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Wardrobe boxes can help you pack your wardrobe for relocation without wrinkles

Label everything

To save time when unpacking, make sure you label all the boxes and bags when you pack your wardrobe for relocation. This will be very useful when movers need to put the boxes in appropriate rooms, and you need to unpack or find a certain item later on.

Make sure everything is clean and dry before you pack your wardrobe for relocation

It is very important to wash everything you’re about to pack, and most importantly – dry it completely. Dirty clothes will only make everything else in that box stinky, and wet/damp items will surely cause mildew.

a drying rope with clothes pegs

Hire someone to help you out

Moving the whole house is a lot of effort. Especially if you need to go to work during the packing process. If you feel like you don’t have the time or skill to pack everything correctly, make sure you hire a moving company for some packing services. This way you will have a stress-free move with all your clothes packed professionally.

Pack everything you’ll need for the moving day separately

When you pack your wardrobe for relocation, don’t make the most common mistake –forgetting the clothes you’ll need on the moving day and the first night/day in the new home. Make sure you put aside all the things you’ll wear on your moving day, as well as the clothes and sleepwear for the first night/day in your new house. This will help you avoid searching through all the bags and boxes to find something to wear when you arrive.

When you pack your wardrobe for relocation, it’s important to stay organized and have enough time. So, if you follow our tips, you will definitely have a stress-free relocation and a new wardrobe in no time! Have a safe move!

Author’s bio: Jessica Hendrickson works as a kindergarten English teacher and spends her free time traveling around the country. Her passion is home organization so she writes useful tips on her social media profiles. 

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