Augmented Reality And Artificial Intelligence: A Peek Into The Future Of Fashion E Commerce

Augmented Reality in Fashion Ecommerce Shopping

Virtual is the New Reality in Online Fashion & E-Commerce Shopping

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Are you not tired of returning that  perfect dress or those impeccably stylish shoes you just bought from an e commerce website, just because they do not look as good on you as it did on the model? Well augmented reality and artificial intelligence in Fashion E Commerce are here to your rescue.   

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are going to completely change the way we look at E commerce and shopping online specially in the field of fashion.

With fashion brands like GAP launching their augmented reality dressing apps which allow buyers to create their own figure and see how the products will look on them, augmented reality is sure to become an integrated part of E commerce websites. 

Do you remember the scene from Barbie the Rapunzel – “The painting dress” scene where Rapunzel paints her dress into magic !!! Well this technology can make such thing possible in real life. Let us take a look on the impact of Artificial intelligence and augmented reality on fashion sellers and buyers.

Artificial Intelligence in Online Fashion Ecommerce

How Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality is A boon for Online Fashion Buyers

Going to the brick mortar stores to find the perfect outfit and locating the right products is really inconvenient for us in this busy world. E commerce has solved this problem to a large extent. Still buyers find it uneasy to choose products without touching and seeing them. Product photos are the only reference to their buying decisions. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality can solve a lot of these problems :

1) Hyper Personalisation for Online Fashion Addicts & Potential Buyers

Predictions for every individual is possible through use of artificial  intelligence. “Data is new Oil” & firms like stitch fix, a completely data driven company uses machine learning and artificial  intelligence –  asks a lot of questions and collect data on the individual’s preferences they then  use this  data to create better products. 

 2) Visual Search Tools: Artificial Intelligence in Fashion E-Commerce

 helps to find the right products from the entire ocean of products available online  to buyers by help of visual search tools. It makes the whole online shopping process easier and hassle free.

3) Expert Stylist Advice by Augmented Reality in Online Shopping of Clothes & Accessories

AI is providing common people with expert stylists and personal shopper experiences through apps such as Amazon Look Fashion Echo Camera – where buyer could upload photos of every outfit they possess and take pictures. Amazon stylist then curate their wardrobes and help them  decide what they should wear everyday.

4) Online Clothing & Apparel Product Reviews with the help of AR & AI

 Humans being needs social validation, buyers can ask their friends and followers to rate and review the products they are eyeing to buy. This helps buyers to take difficult decisions easily.

5) Really, with Augmented Reality You can Try Option on the Go!

Buyers want to try on different products before they make the purchase and augmented reality help them visualize stuff on them. Thus they do not regret shopping online and it saves a lot of time

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to Sellers

The E commerce Industry went nuts when IKEA launched their virtual app in which a customer  can actually see how does that piece of furniture looks in their dining room setting or how will the new sofa look against the TV cabinet. Artificial Intelligence  has changed the whole game in the E commerce industry particularly in fashion world.

1) Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality Reduces Return Rate for Online Purchases

Firstly augmented reality has the potential to solve the biggest pain point of E commerce that is RETURNS!!! Return rate is pretty high in e commerce and it eats away on the profit margin. By allowing customers to use virtual dressing apps fashion brands will reduce the return rates to 65%

2) Artificial Intelligence Powered Analytics Results in Hyper-Personalisation

Data is new king. By using AI powered analytics fashion sellers can develop a customer centric approach and provide hyper personalisation. Retailers who have implemented AI based personalization strategies see increase in sales of 6-10%, a rate two to three times faster than other retailers, according to a report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Sunglasses and spectacle industry has already entered in augmented reality.

3) Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality provides cohesive online shopping experience

AR & AI remove friction on all stages of buying enabling sales growth. AI and AR has blurred the lines between online and offline shopping. 

4) Artificial Intelligence Powered 24*7 Chat bots for fashion Ecommerce Shopping

24*7 customer support: Speed sells in today’s digital world. And chat bots resolve customer queries in real time making the online shopping experience easier and faster. Customer service staff is free to take care other of other relevant matters.

5) Targets specific and relevant customers for your Fashion Ecommerce Website:

Data provides complete buyers persona by checking user profile and click stream data – optimizing your advertising expenses to the maximum benefit.

Our Conclusive Thoughts on future of AR & AI in Online Fashion Industry

  • Artificial intelligence  has completely transformed the fashion E Commerce business now : Animated holograms, interactive displays, and virtual 3 D models are the new tools for advertising and old traditional ways such as hoardings and bill boards may soon be a thing of the past.
  • Artificial Intelligence  is going to completely integrate the buying process and give a seamless customer experience. Many fashion brands have already started using this inescapable technology and are getting ahead of the game. Our suggestion is don’t be scare of this new technology in the age of internet. 
  • Embrace AR & AI and use it to your advantage. Augmented reality is going to improve the customer shopping experience and it also empowers sellers with quality data. It is beneficial to both E commerce sellers and E commerce buyers.

Artificial Intelligence  is going to completely integrate the buying process and give a seamless customer experience. Many fashion brands have already started using this inescapable technology and are getting ahead of the game. Our suggestion is don’t be scare of this new technology in the age of internet. 

What are your thoughts about it? We will love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments section below. Also did you read are awesome blog on Guest Posting?

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